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The following statement is from the Thompson family, following the passing on November 1, 2015 of former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson following a recurrence of lymphoma:
“It is with a heavy heart and a deep sense of grief that we share the passing of our brother, husband, father, and grandfather who died peacefully in Nashville surrounded by his family.
“Fred once said that the experiences he had growing up in small-town Tennessee formed the prism through which he viewed the world and shaped the way he dealt with life.  Fred stood on principle and common sense, and had a deep love for and connection with the people across Tennessee whom he had the privilege to serve in the United States Senate.  He enjoyed a hearty laugh, a strong handshake, a good cigar, and a healthy dose of humility.  Fred was the same man on the floor of the Senate, the movie studio, or the town square of Lawrenceburg, his home.
“Fred believed that the greatness of our nation was defined by the hard work, faith, and honesty of its people.  He had an enduring belief in the exceptionalism of our country, and that America could provide the opportunity for any boy or girl, in any corner of our country, to succeed in life. 
“Our nation has lost a servant, Tennessee has lost a son, and our family has lost its rock.  In the days ahead, we ask for prayers of comfort, assurance, and peace.”


Fred’s life touched so many through his acting, legal work, and commitment to public service. We invite you to share your memories of Fred Thompson here.

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    One of my favorite people, he will truly be missed…..prayers for the family

  • Julius A. Zito says:

    Fred you were a great man and a true hero to America. You touched my life as well as the lives of many. Rest in peace amigo.

  • Tonya L. Golden Johns says:

    My Dad & Mr. Thompson grew up together in Lawrenceburg, Tn. Mr. Thompson was the nicest and most down to eat people you would ever meet. He never forgot where he came from and he always remembered my family. The world has lost a great man but heaven has gained one. May God be with Mr. Thompson’s family because I know this great man will be truly missed.

  • Howard w white says:

    Fred is all American I will never forget how he helped me with getting my social security Sir R.I.P.

  • A great patriot will be missed.

  • Sorry for the loss of a true patriot. There seems to be less and less all the time. May God bless each and everyone of the family.

  • Matthew J. McGuire says:

    Deepest condolences.

  • kelvin moxley says:

    Since hearing about his passing I have been considering all the ways that FDT has impacted my life and how it would have been so much different, less interesting and more pedestrian had I never met him. Working for him set me on a path that I had never considered and brought me into contact with people and events that would likely have eluded me. A small bit of FDT’s sparkle landed on all of us to some degree. Bob Corker is quoted as saying that Fred had a way of making all of those around him strive to be better. That is most assuredly true. I know we all worked at a heightened level to make certain we put forth our best in what we did.

    Please let everyone know that I will be thinking about them and the wonderful experiences we had under Fred’s tutelage. I know we will all miss him and appreciate the fact that our lives were just that much better for having known him. No matter where we go, or what we do, I’m sure we all point with pride at having served with the finest Senator and finest man anyone could ever meet.

  • diana smith says:

    rest in peace fred Thompson. what a great man. this country needs more just like him to help better America. he had such a great outlook on what this nation needed to recover from years of debt. he was a smart man. will be missed. I hope that his family will find comfort in all the love and kind words that are posted here. but thinking on the same level as fred did… has its ups and downs, life goes on and moves forward and not always in the direction you thought it would. life is what you make of it. its all your choice and you must move forward. will miss his positive attitude and intelligence. great man…..

  • A treasured memory: Fred met with me in his office in Washington, DC. in 2000. I met with him to discuss my book So…Help Me God (Now a collectors edition). The book had been distributed to every Senator, Congressman, Supreme Court Justice, and to the governor of each state. I was honored that he took an interest in it. To me, Fred was a “Man’s Man,” and one of my favorite people. My heart sank on Sunday, when I received the news of his departure. I had been thinking of him all that week – wondering what he was doing, not knowing that the Lymphoma had returned. Presently I’m in Branson filming. If I can’t be in Nashville or Lawrenceburg on Friday, you can bet that a piece of my heart will be.

    God’s Blessings of Comfort & Peace for Jeri & the Family,
    April Shenandoah/Ambassador of Prayer Ministries

  • Cindi Moyer says:

    I’d like to share my sincere condolences to Fred Thompson’s family and friends. Altho I first “met” him on television’s “Law and Order,” I became impressed with him as a person when he ran for President. I truly feel as tho our Nation has lost a great supporter and I will miss seeing his opinions come across my Facebook page. If ever there was a life well-lived, Fred Thompson lived it! God bless and make His presence known as comfort during the difficult days ahead.

  • I too being a Tennessee girl remember Fred for most of my life. It is with great sorrow that he has left us. Fred you will be greatly missed. May you RIP. AND I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU. Prayers for your family and you. g lenda Oliver.

  • Brenda Elam says:

    Our sincere sympathy to Fred’s family. We always admired him for “up holding the standards”. We will miss him as a public figure but we know you have a vacant spot in your hearts and lives. Let your memories become treasures.

  • Suzan B. Smith says:

    When I signed this Guestbook yesterday I accidently spelled Jeri’s first name wrong, and wanted to offer my apologies.

    When I read your words that your family has lost your rock, my heart went out to you.
    I did not realize how much my brother was my rock until after he was killed by a drunk driver in 2003.
    Many people do not understand how much the emotional devastation can be soul crushing when a person loses someone with this significance in their life.
    I’m sorry that I really don’t know what else to say.
    You are all in my prayers.
    God Bless You

    Suzan B. Smith

  • Jean Peavler says:

    May God grand peace and comfort to all of Fred’s family and may he help and bless Jeri as she is left to complete the raising of their two children without Fred. He was my senator and did a great job, and I was also a proud supporter of his presidential campaign. Fred’s legacy includes a group of friends who came together because we were all supporting him through the forum on the Draft Fred Thompson website. Most of us have never met in person, but we are still together in a Facebook group and have formed lasting friendships. Fred is responsible for bringing us together. He would have been a great president. May he rest in peace, and may God bless his family and friends.

  • Deborah Rabot Riker says:

    Deepest condolences to your family, loved ones, and dearest friends. You will be surely missed, but your legacy of being a fine actor in movies will live on.
    You were a beautiful, respectful, loving, and compassionate gentleman, husband, father, and Senator.
    The Lord has sent a guardian angel to take you to your resting place in heaven. Rest In Peace!

  • Carolyn Copeland Hurn says:

    Fred and I grew up together in Lawrenceburg. Our parents were friends. In grade school he always threatened to cut off my pigtails (with the round nose scissors that wouldn’t cut butter) and he would snitch my bananas at recess. We would spend Saturday’s at Crockett Theater. And now we are back there for his memorial on Friday. We managed to meet a few times over the years and never once talked about politics, movies or TV. Just family, friends and good memories. He was a true “Southern Gentleman” and will always be remembered for his compassion, honesty and love of America. Prayers to his family. God Bless.

  • Susan Adams says:

    My deepest sympathy for the family in the loss of a husband, father, and family member. To the rest of us, he was a true leader and patriot. His contributions to the betterment of our world through all of his various “roles,” will be deeply missed. As the number of patriots like Fred Thompson leave this world, we grow closer to the demise of our wonderful country as we know it. My you rest in peace, Fred Thompson!

  • Donna DiMurro says:

    Love and Prayers are with the family! RIP Fred, you were a great person!!!

  • Susan Yingling says:

    I never met Mr. Thompson, but I followed his service on the Hill, as an Actor, his run for President and of course his ads on TV. He always came across as a kind caring individual no matter what he did throughout his career. I will remember him in my daily prayers. He is going to be missed as one of our great leaders in our generation.

  • Kathy Lynn Anderson says:

    Senator Thompson was a man that I greatly respected. I know that your family has suffered a terrible loss. My prayers are with you all.

  • R. Ballard says:

    Great man deserving of great honor and respect. Praying for God’s comfort and peace to his family.

  • Charma Green says:

    Fred, it was a true pleasure working on your campaign and before your campaign when I was part of the Draft Fred group. You will be missed by so many who saw your character, your love of this country and the constitution, and the family man that you were. I will be praying for Jeri, Hayden and Samuel and well as your older children and other family members. I will pray for the Lord to bless them with peace in the knowledge that you are now in His company and you have no more pain. Thank you that during your time on earth you were an inspiration to so many as a Senator, a statesman, a husband, a father and as a protector of the Constitution.

  • Paul Sebula says:

    Fred Dalton Thompson was an actor and former US Senator from the State of Tennessee who served this nation with distinction. He was a great talent and an awesome patriotic American leader. May he rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers be with his family.

  • Micah Griffin says:

    Senator Thompson was great person and Senator. He cared about the normal everyday person and will be missed. I was disappointed when he dropped out of the Presidential race. He definitely had my vote. Dear God wrap your comforting arms around his family.

  • Detective Sgt. Dan Goodwin says:

    Fred Thompson was a great man in every chapter of his too short life. He made Tennesseans proud and lived a life of consequence. We should keep his family and close friends in our prayers. He is badly missed.

  • Pat McCarron says:

    The world has lost a great man and true friend of the people. Our prayers go out to the friends and family of Mr. Thompson. May God bless him and welcome him into the heavens of the faithful.

  • Marlene LaPierre' says:

    Prayers for the family, for this wonderfully gifted and patriot man. May you feel God’s warm arms wrapped around you.

  • Mary Cope Dimitri says:

    Fred was my neighbor on Brentlawn Drive in Nashville when my son Ray and his oldest son Tony were in elementary school. On a rare snow day, Tony and Ray were sledding down the hill and I joined them, all bundled up in hat, scarf and gloves. Fred came out and said to them, “Who’s the big kid playing with you?” He was certainly one of the “good guys”. R.I.P.

  • Heather says:

    This country lost a great man. God speed sir.

  • Armand & Jackie Larrivee says:

    Sincere condolences to family and friends. We have enjoyed his acting and bid him a fond farewell for a job so very well done.

  • Steven Reidinger says:

    You will be missed Sir.

  • Traci Harmon says:

    A true Patriot, who loved his country. A talented actor and loving family man. His contributions to his community and this nation will be remembered.

  • Paul Engeldinger says:

    RIP, actor, statesman, “good and faithful servant”.

  • Steve says:

    I did not know you personally, but you appeared to be a true nice person.

  • Senator Fred will truly b missed by very many people, not just this n his home state. God is taking care of him until we meet again someday. . Lord bless his family and friends and help them celebrate his life instead of remembering the sadness of losing him. God bless all who knew him..

  • Joel Mccormick says:

    A very good man who was a class lawer for Ms. Marie years ago. A very good actor and Senator as well..Rest in peace Fred.

  • Keith Rudlaff says:

    RIP Sir, we never met, but your actions in Washington earned my respect. Prayers for family to be comforted during this period of time.

  • Rob Andrews says:

    Over the years growing up I learned about a great many politicians and had my own struggles trying to find where I would fall into the political nightmare that has become the American system of politics. Fred was the second politician that I had come to know first as an actor before coming to realize that this man was also serving the country and I was shocked to find that this man was as much himself in the roles he often had as an actor as he was a down to earth and just wonderful soul off the camera and in the halls of government trying to stand for the people and the founding values of our country.

    I’m a LGBT community member. I was once a Democrat in my earlier years, or at least that’s what I thought I was because I was voting based upon the ideals that I was told I had to live by since I was gay. Over the course of my life from a child to becoming an adult I came to realize that peers do not determine your political affiliation but rather your heart and beliefs as a human being and that those things could not be defined for you by others but rather by the lessons you learned and the morality that you make choices to stand by and for as an adult.

    I had exposure to the Republican party but I was never happy with what they stood for but rather I was more attached to the history and the foundation of our country. It was men like Fred and his steadfast beliefs that our Constitution and the intentions of our Founding Fathers that helped me to find my own feet as I was growing up. Before I turned 30 years of age I was voting as a true conservative on nearly every issue but more to the point I was voting my heart on what I believed was right and wrong before all else.

    Watching Fred on Law & Order I always loved the sincere nature of his character and more yet I loved the fact that he played who he was in life rather than passing himself off as a character that someone wrote for him. I found it amazing that his conservative values were allowed to be reflected in the show at all as I grew older and learning all too often that people with conservative views in Hollywood were not well met in many cases. I decided that I wanted to know more about him and as an IT guy the Internet was a wonderful resource to get to learn about this man and who he was over the last 20 years of my life.

    When Fred decided to seek the Republican nominations for president I immediately took to spreading the word and I for the first time was inspired to go to work for the Republican party. It was because of Fred that I had once again become excited about politics because he was the guy that reminded me of someone else I knew that was an actor and had run for president and won, Ronald Reagan. Fred’s views and his manner made him feel so very much like a man that I came to respect more and more over the years. In many ways I couldn’t tell the difference between the two in one of the greatest ways possible. Their sincere and genuine nature. They believed in the people and the country and wanted to make it great again.

    Fred might not have become president but he won the hearts of a lot of people in this country over the years and he inspired a lot of people to be better just for the things he would say and the way he carried himself over the years. He was an example of who we as a people can be if we stand by morality and good in this country. He believed in America and he gave many of us reasons to fight to make it better.

    Thank you Fred. You are loved and truly missed by all of us that have followed you over the years. Thank you for being part of my growth as a person and helping me by being a good and moral role model and someone that inspired me to be better and to stand up for what I believed. I have never compromised my beliefs for the sake of political correctness or because of being bullied for my political beliefs as a gay man by the LGBT community. Thank you for giving me hope and inspiring me to continue fighting for this country even as one of the spectators rather than being one of the players in the Washington machine..

    God speed and bless you and your family…

    Rob Andrews

  • Jeff Littrell says:

    Fred and I shared many things: We both grew up in Lawrenceburg… Our father’s worked together… Our values were very similar… Though he was more of an acquaintance than a friend, I always felt uniquely connected to him. He will be missed!

  • Sherry Haggard says:

    Prayers for The Thompsons Family & Friends. He inspired alot of people & helped whoever. He’s the type of man that would stop & listen to anyone. He was so mellow & kicked back to where there was never no STRESS on his back. When he was in the big house, he always made sure all the politicians understood what he had to say. He was very specific & straight focused on each issue(subject) that he handled in the Big House while sometimes others tried to get on to another subject. He was a Wonderful Actor in Law & Order. I only watched Law & Order when he played. He played in other shows. I always made sure I recorded his shows so I could rewatch. Just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I Love, Mr. Thompson so much. When I heard the news I cried. He’s my idol. He’s The Greatest Ever. Senator Fred Thompson will be sincerely missed. RIP: Tennessees #1 Senator Fred Thompson

  • William Hatmaker says:

    A great man politically and a great actor on screen. I’ll miss being in his corner. See you later
    sir, God bless.

  • Pat Herren says:

    A man may have many accomplishments on this earth but only one is set forth in the presence of God….was he a faithful child of God? I pray so…

  • Jon Holcomb says:

    You will be missed.

  • Michelle says:

    My deepest condolences on the loss of such a wonderful person. May his legacy live on and inspire others.

  • Adam Moore says:

    God speed sir. You will be missed.

  • FeLonda Winters says:

    I’ve seen so many movies and still my favorite is his character in Hunt For The Red October!! Love that movie!! I love that he served our country as a public servant and believed in protecting our freedoms!! I’m going to miss his acting because he truly was a talented actor!! Praying for his family and friends!!!

  • My thoughts and prayers for his family.

  • Fay J Olsen says:

    Awesome guy, my first choice in 2008 for president. I was sorry to see him leave the race so quickly. Still will be missed for conservatives, big loss for conservatives.

  • Fred was a very good man I guess I should say is because he lives on in our hearts and in heaven. His insights and principles should be followed by all those who serve in D.C.. I wish I had expected this because this is hard for me. I will pray for his family and all of us who looked up to him. Thank you Fred we love you here in Utah, we will miss you.
    Marshall W Bruce
    West Valley City, Utah

  • Hal Wilkens Arizona City, AZ says:

    Fred was a great man, He will be missed. Thank you for your dedication and service to the country.

  • Marsha Blades says:

    Rest well. Good man, a big loss to many.

  • Aubrey Hardin says:

    Back in the mid 90’s, I was about 9 years old, and Fred Thompson was our district’s State Senator in Tennessee. He knew my dad due to his work on local campaigns and knew how much I loved helping at all the events so he let me be his personal assistant at the bbq festival in Covington, TN. He made me feel like I played such an important role in him winning re-election.

  • Janelle Vance says:

    Loved him in Law & Order. Show was never the same without him. What an extraordinary life he lived. He will be missed by many. Rest in Peace Mr. Thompson.

  • James Hazelwood says:

    Would have made a Great US PRESIDENT!!

  • Jennifer Stewart says:

    Praying for Mr Thompson’s family and friends… To the world we lost a great actor and politician… But you lost someone dear to your heart… Thank you for sharing such a wonderful man with us…he will be missed

  • Michael Pirner says:

    Fred Thompson is one of the people I have most admired in my life. From his distinguished career in public service to his common-sense and thoughtful approach to issues to his successful movie and TV career, particularly on my favorite show of all time, Law & Order, I have followed Fred’s career closely and was deeply saddened by his passing. I was a proud FredHead in 2008 and I know he would have made an incredible President. He presented his views in a way that was constructive, well thought out, and conservative. He was deeply committed to principle and in an policy oriented way. He also had a quick wit which was refreshing and seemed deeply liked by all. I enjoyed his radio show in 2009 and 2010 and have enjoyed some of his movies since he retired from politics, such as his roles in Alleged and Secretariat. I was even holding out hope he’d have an appearance in the revival of Law & Order. I will miss Fred Thompson greatly and my prayers are with his family.

  • Jesse Munday III says:

    He will be missed. A true Patriot. My prayers to the Thompson family. Here’s a quote that I could see Fred saying, if John Wayne hadn’t said it first: “I’m not the sort to back away from a fight. I don’t believe in shrinking from anything. It’s not my speed; I’m a guy who meets adversities head on.” ~ John Wayne

  • Wanda Haseley says:

    I loved this man. I am very, very sad he is gone. The Hunt for Red October is one of my all time favorite movies that the family would watch together. His life’s work lives on to exemplify Honesty, Integrity, and Humility. I will miss him. G-d Bless his family.

  • Sherri L. Gould says:

    He was a great man and he will be missed by many……………………….

  • Ian Jurgens says:

    Thank you for all that you have done, Senator. You were the quintessential Conservative. You will be missed.

  • L.C. Ernest Frederick Robertson says:

    I crossed paths with Senator Thompson at the Washington Dulles Airport. I had the privilege of a long chat. By the end of our conversation this kind and gracious gentleman had rekindled my lost contact with my Southern family on mother’s side.This is something that I am forever grateful for. I wish I had been able to let him know how much of an impact that conversation had on my life as it put this Canadian boy back into contact with loving family that he had lost touch with since childhood. May he rest peacefully and may his family and loved ones always take comfort in the knowledge that he touched lives in many ways. Expressing the utmost respects and condolences to Senator Thompson’s family. We will remember him.

  • Ian Jurgens says:

    Thank you, Senator, for all the great insights you have given. You were the quintessential Conservative. You will be missed.

  • Earl Crabb Sr. says:

    Goodbye my Friend. – Dr. Earl L. Crabb Sr.

  • Devan Cobb says:

    May he rest in piece

  • (Mrs) Marcia Bowdoin says:

    I am so very saddened to learn of the passing of our great leader, actor, & humanitarian Senator Fred Thompson. I will miss him & our country has lost a beloved son. My deepest sympathy to his family – you are in my prayers. GOD BLESS YOU.

  • Tammy Enyeart says:

    I am so very sorry for your loss! This country of ours, lost a great man! One, that I admired and deeply respected!

  • Melanie Keen says:

    I met him in Sabins Thompsons office he was my lawyer at one time in my life very nice enjoyed meeting him.

  • grace vindel says:

    Mr Thompson was well respected in our families– the Old Immigrants who came here in the 50’s. Who wanted to come to America– to work, study, go to church as Catholics, pay our taxes an obligation to our new country in ‘THE UNITED STATES of AMERICAs. in return for opportunity to raise our children to progress– and to later WITH DUE PROCESS APPLY FOR AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP– AND SO MR FRED THOMPSON was first known to us as an Actor, later a RESPECTED POLITICAL REPUBLICAN who talked the walk and walked the talk– an so when our family heard that he passed this weekend– we quietly notified each other of his passing as if he was “A relative” … — he was A GOOD RESPECTFUL MAN and that’s the way we will remember him… our condolences to his family and friends and– MAY God Bless Mr Fred Thompson– Rest in Peace Mr Thompson…

  • Melissa Fowler says:

    Praying for the Thompson Family. May you find comfort in the memories you hold so dear.

  • Suzan B. Smith says:

    My deepest sympathy to Fred’s wife, Jerri, and their two young children…and to all of Fred’s family and friends. We’ve lost a great Patriot with a wonderful sense of humor. He had a commanding presence wherever he was. I saw, and very briefly spoke with, Jerri at two fundraisers when Fred was running in 2007. I told her each time, “I hope you’re our next 1st Lady.” I So hoped that would happen, for he would have been an Outstanding president. Yes, I’m a FredHead from back then.
    (I’m “Sb Smith” on Facebook)…..
    More recently, I did not know his lymphoma had returned. I am so sorry for your loss. May God surround you with His Peace, Love, and Comfort during this time, and always. “God is most present when He feels most absent.” (unknown)

  • Sandra Sullivan says:

    We thank you for your commitment to our country. May you rest in peace and your family find peace in your rest. Sending prayers

  • Blake says:

    Thank you for the life you lead, the principals you championed, and the lives you touched. The angels welcome you, those washed in the blood rejoice in your eternal life and await the day when we come face to face all in the presence of God the Father and God the Son.

  • Vince Mariano says:

    It was an honor and a pleasure to have met Fred on several occasions during his presidential campaign in 2008. Those of us who were on the ground floor of his campaign had boundless enthusiasm and motivation for him, as we knew we were pumping gas and filling up the red pickup truck for the the only legit conservative running in that primary- his heart was truly with the people of this country. He was the right man for our time in many regards, unfortunately, our tepid era didn’t recognize it. God love you Fred Thompson, thank you for your service to the country, and please keep an eye on us from upstairs.

  • Mary Cline says:

    My deepest condolences to Senator Thompson’s family. I will truly miss his unique, intelligent, and sarcastically funny commentary. Rest in peace, sir.

  • B.H. Matthews says:

    As an actor and a Citizen, Mr Thompson represented the best things about our country. Whenever I saw him, on the acting screen or representing government /political issues, I felt better about the world. My prayers are with those who loved him.

  • Rick Macias says:

    Dear, Thompson family. It is with a heavy heart that I express my deepest condolences. I have always been a fan of Mr. Fred Thompson, for all the great films he appeared in. Hollywood and America will never be the same , ever! His Iconic persona and voice will truly be missed.

    Yours truly
    A lifetime fan
    Rick Macias.

  • Sue White says:

    To the Family of Fred Thompson,
    It was a pleasure to know Fred through the many facets of his public life. You, his family, were generous to give up your own time with him, to enable us, the public, to benefit from his love of God, country, and his fellow man!
    The legacy he has left us, through those he mentored, will forever stand as a tribute to the values he held dear!!
    Please know, you, his family, are in our thoughts and prayers, as you celebrate a life well lived!

  • I have admired Fred for many, many years. He had a full and wonderful life and touched so many of us in so many ways. He will be truly missed by millions like me, who never met him personally but admired him greatly. My condolences to the family.

  • Annette Gaston says:

    So sorry for your loss. So sorry for America’s loss. Fred was an American Patriot and a kind, sweet man who will be so missed. RIP Mr. Thompson.

  • Karen Hill says:

    Good man! Always loved seeing him in movies. He stood out. A man of good principles and good character.

  • Merrie Miller says:

    I am very saddened by the passing of such a rare individual. A true American hero, a great dad and husband, and a servant to the American public. Such a loss on every level. I only knew him through television and Facebook. He was a great inspiration for many. I send my thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. I will miss his common sense posts. They don’t make them like this anymore.

  • Timothy W Lingerfelt says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Fred Thompson will definitely be missed by many.

  • Fred Thompson will be missed. In no other member of congress could you find a man with a countenance capable of staring any enemy into submission. Very pleased to see him as a man of God in his last role. Bless you Fred!

  • Jeremy Donaldson says:

    One of the only politicians that I believed what he was saying to me. Believed in what he was doing and didn’t beat around the bush. He meant what he said and didn’t bullshit. I genuinely enjoyed his sense of humor and liked most of the characters be portrayed. One of a kind. He will be missed.

  • Tina Plaza says:

    I truly loved this man I was so disappointed when he dropped out of the race for president. He was a man of integrity & honesty I believed he wanted good things for our country. I also enjoyed watching him as an actor and I loved the fact that he did not change being a celebrity he was good in the role he played. My prayers are with his wife & family may God give them the strength to get through this sad time in losing their loved one. God Bless you Mr. Fred Thompson I think you were taken too soon but God has a plan for all of us, we are all on the path to eternal life…Rest in Peace & rejoice in the heavens…♥♥♥ You will be missed ♥♥♥

    Miss Tina Plaza & Family

  • Cynthia Cook says:

    We will greatly miss you. Condolences for your family.

  • JIM CRAIL says:

    From Law and Order to the run at the Presidency, I’ve always been a Fred Thompson guy! Thank you Mr. Thompson for giving the youth of today a role model…

  • Cheryl Shorey says:

    I was so excited when Fred announced to run in 2008. I was a true FREDHEAD! For the first time in my life I stood up in the Nevada state caucus and tried my fellow republicans to cast their vote for him. Still have my Fred 2008 bumper sticker ! I will always cherish it ! He will be missed and would have made a wonderful President. Condolences to Jeri and those two beautiful children.

  • Aaron Fenninger says:

    I used to listen to his radio show every day in college. I remember driving to class and smiling every time I heard him say “why do they call it common sense when it’s so uncommon.” For some reason, one day I called his show and was put on the air. We talked about law and order and how much the show changed after he left. His basic common sense solutions to problems that politicians today make seem so complicated was so refreshing. When he ran for President I was so excited. I remember it was the first debate that I ever watched with enthusiasm. The Senator will be truly missed. Our Nation lost a Statesman, and God knows we don’t have many. Prayers for the Thompson family. Thank you for the gift of Fred.

  • David Dahlberg says:

    RIP. You were a pleasure and inspiration.

  • Timothy Baker MD says:

    As a fellow Tennessean I don’t think I can overstate Sen. Thompson’s influence on his state and his country. He was a man of common sense and a statesman in a world where both were scarce. It’s appropriate that he worked with Howard Baker during the Watergate hearings as both were men of principle and could work with anyone to obtain a common objective. We are poorer for his passing but so much richer for his life and service. To his family I can offer nothing more than prayers for your peace at this difficult time but I’m confident that God will provide that comfort.

  • Todd McDonald says:

    I met you in the CVS in Washington DC right after 9/11. We spoke briefly and gave our respects to those who had lost their lives.
    You are a patriot and a great American.
    We all mourn for your family at their loss.
    May God bless

  • Cindy armbrecht says:

    I will miss you.
    I loved your commanding voice.
    I loved you on Law and Order.
    You’re probably spreading your angel wings about now with no more worries.

  • Angie Maupin says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I enjoyed watching him as an actor but was in awe of him and his patriotism for our country. A true Southern Gentleman

  • Jerilynn Watlington says:

    I’ve been a huge admirer of Sen. Thompson for such a long time. I watched his Campaign Finance hearings, loved his acting roles, and even enjoyed his recent commercials, which helped keep me company during many an insomniac night. (They played quite frequently on the History Channel!) I’ll miss them, and I’ll miss him. I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that he’s gone. He made a big impact upon my life, and I’ll always remember him so fondly. My sincere condolences and sympathy to his family.

  • Travis Lisenbee says:

    Being one of the first 50,000 who signed the “Draft Fred for President” I have always held him in the highest of regards. Our nation is poorer today for the loss of one of his caliber. He carried the truth with humor and wit, always pointing to the best of who we can be. May we pick up the torch you so passionately carried.

  • Kraig Brooks says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the man’s politics, acting endeavours and humor. Thank you, Fred.

  • Elizabeth Brogdon says:

    I met Senator Thompson on the campaign trail for Bush/Cheney in the Fall of 2000. As an officer and member of my local university’s College Republicans, we went out knocking on doors for local campaigns as well as the senator and presidential races. At many events, he sought me out, always asked how things were going, called me “Bright Eyes” and was a true Southern Gentleman to all he met. My mom even mentioned me at a rally in my small town Tennessee home, and he said, “Yep, I know bright eyes”. This was funny to my mother, as one of her Co-VPs at our local bank also called me this. Senator Thompson was one of a dying breed, a diamond in the rough who made a point to make every encounter personal. I can only imagine what he was like to his family.
    It was always my dream for him to run for President, but knowing his health had become an issue in the past few years made that not possible. I would have been on board with his campaign in a heartbeat! So many good memories of that Red Truck rolling through TN towns. We’ll miss you Fred! My thoughts and prayers are with your family, especially the little ones.

  • Ronald Cormier says:

    I respected Fred both in his acting career AND in his steadfast representation as a senator. He was a driving force in the senate and will be sorely missed. RIP Fred and may GOD TAKE YOU IN HIS ARMS AND GUIDE YOU TO HIS PRESENCE free from ALL pain and suffering!!!!

  • Harold Beesley says:

    I got to meet him and shake his hand at a, Freedom Concert in July 2006 in San Diego. Such a nice and sincere man! He will truly be missed! Respectfully, Harold Beesley

  • Betsy (Rambow) Konkolewski and Family says:

    Our thoughts and prayers to Jeri and your children. May you find peace during this difficult time. Hugs to you ~ Love from Betsy and family

  • Anna Miller says:

    Thought he was not only great as an actor, but as a politician as well. I was growing up during the Nixon years and I know he was part of blowing that wide open. I so wanted to him to become President, I thought he would have done a really good job. My prayers go out to all his family and friends. We may not have known him on the personal level that you have, but we still mourn his loss.

  • Ronald Cormier says:

    I respected and like Fred both as an Actor AND as a Senator. He was a POSITIVE influence both in his acting AND IN HIS REPRESENTATION. He will be dearly missed. RIP Fred and GOD speed to a perfect new lift with HIM !!!!

  • John & Sharon Marks says:

    Our deepest condolences to Fred’s family. We as a nation grieve with you. He touched a lot of lives as a politician and an actor.

  • Frank J Manrique says:

    My deepest condolences goes to the family of Mr. Thompson; may Almighty God grant him eternal rest and blasting to all of his family members…

  • R.I.P. Senator Thompson. You were a true American patriot and a great actor.

  • Marisa Owen says:

    God bless you for your wit and wisdom! I pray God comfort your family, giving them peace and restoration of joy! May they live to see all the things you fought for so diligently realized in their lifetime!

  • Mr. & Mrs. John E. Dickey Jr. (Debra) says:

    RIP Mr. Thompson, You will be missed by everyone you touch in your life time. God Bless your family.

  • Robert Salazar says:

    So sorry to hear of Mr Thompson’s passing. A great actor and a great statesman. Gone too soon.

  • Lou Marinucci says:

    To the,family of thus great Senator my great sorrow for you loss. I want to relate a,quote from a man from Philadelphia who positively affected my life . Steven Girard. This is his quote. ” MY DEEDS MUST be my life. WHEN I AM DEAD MY ACTIONS MUST SPEAK FOR ME. They do so ,a life well lived sir !

  • Kevin Foley says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Thompson on a few occasions when I was at UT in the mid 1990’s. I was part of the College Republicans, and met him via GOP functions. He was very personable. He was also the keynote speaker at my graduation. I am honored that he was my Senator, and I really enjoyed reading his tweets.

  • Meg Ivey says:

    I got tears in my eyes when I heard that Fred Thompson had passed away. Always admired him as a politician and actor. Prayers for his family!!!

  • Bruce MacMahon says:

    Fred was a gentleman in every definition of the word. I had the pleasure of meeting him and Jeri while volunteering on his 2008 campaign in New Hampshire. He wwas one of a kind, and will be missed.

  • Dan Judge says:

    I remember meeting Fred Thompson years ago back in I believe ’96–not long after he was elected to the Senate. He appeared at Senator Bob Smith’s (NH) birthday party and I was involved in politics at the time. I managed to get a few minutes with him and told him my father and I watched his GOP rebuttal to a speech President Clinton made (I can’t remember what it was about but it was sometime toward the end of ’94 after the GOP wave). He seemed so Reaganesque and told him as such. I even asked him once he gains more experience and such in the Senate if he would ever consider running for President. The man was so humble and almost embarrassed that I would ask such a question, but said he wasn’t thinking like that right now and wanted to do the best he could in representing Tennessee. When I asked him if he could sign his autograph for my father, he did so without hesitation. A true gentleman and genuine man …

    I also couldn’t let this guy walk away without a question about that greatly-overlooked and Academy-Award-lacking movie he made back in the early-90s called “Baby’s Day Out” … He played the FBI agent in charge investigating the kidnapping of a prominent couple’s baby–a baby who was mischievous and led the bumbling bad guys to basically play the entire story of his favorite storybook which he had with him. After the baby was rescued, the baby realized he had left his book–which he called “Boo Boo”–in a clock tower and as they passed the clock tower from the highway, he kept saying, “Boo Boo! Tick tock!” And then Thompson realized the bad guys who had previously escaped them thought maybe they would be back at the clock tower and he got on the radio and ordered, “Everybody go back to the tick tock to get the Boo Boo!” Those words coming out of such a serious-looking man showed his great sense of humor … And I had to ask if anyone in the Senate teased him about that. He nodded with a smile, “Yes.”

    RIP Fred Thompson

  • Michael Lunkin says:

    Thank you so much for your service to this Nation Fred Thompson. RIP

  • stuart dobro says:

    Thanks for sharing his warm, kindness and his sense of country with us. He will truly be missed and we are all better off because of his presence. But on a more personal level, you both were there when I was against the wall and finding my way back. If not for Fred and your presence, help and support…only the man upstairs would know where I would be today.

    My warmest condolences and prayers go out to you know and in the future


  • Chad Quick says:

    Our country lost one of our great ones today.

  • ROBYN KYLER says:

    You were a great actor moved all your movies R.I.P

  • Nicholas rizzo says:

    A great, and humble man. A true patriot and a true family man. I’m heartbroken, I’ve lost a friend, who put his hand on my shoulder, and knew me by first name, every time after the first.. I’m sorry for his passing. He will never be forgotten. His deep voice, his sincere demeanor, and his honesty, dedication and will to survive. I lost a friend.

  • Pamela Denison says:

    My first exposure to Sen. Thompson was his role in The Hunt for Red October. It wasn’t until he ran for Senate that I realized that the character he had played then (and many others since) wasn’t far from his true personality and my respect for him grew. It didn’t matter what he was doing, what you saw was what you got and I wish more politicians were like him. He will be missed.

    My condolences to his family, colleagues, and friends.

  • Keith Gene Robinson says:

    Fred will be missed by many. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends



  • Windy Lucas says:

    I loved his acting. Prayers and thoughts to his family.

  • Virginia Hanning says:

    A wonderful actor and member of the U.S. Senate. I remember him from the Watergate hearings . He will be missed. My condolences and prayers for his family at this time.

  • Tim Crawford says:

    Mr. Thompson,
    I have always respected you and your work, you were one of the last old school politicians that we could trust.
    Rest well sir, and Godspeed.

  • cheryl woods says:

    My Sincere Condolences to the family of Fred Thompson. He was an amazing man.

  • catherine case says:

    my condolences to the thompson family. he was a great actor and a politican too. he was a great actor on law&order too. he will be sorley missed. rest in peace.

  • I just posted this comment on my fb page – over the statement released by the family, which I shared…

    We just lost a good man – RIP Fred – I had the honor of meeting Fred when he was helping Marie Ragghianti, who was my realtor back in ’78 when I moved to Nashville. Loved all of his acting parts….respected his work on the watergate committee and especially as a Senator. I donated to his campaign when he was still just considering a run for President – excellent positions – he would have been a great President….my prayers and condolences go to all his family at this time. May God lift you all up as he surely did Fred….

  • Carolyn Lowe says:

    I loved watching him on Law and Order. Very wonderful actor and will be missed. Rest in peace Fred.

  • Amanda Allen says:

    I loved watching Fred on Law and Order and was thrilled when he got involved in politics! He seemed like such a wonderful, intelligent man. I really hoped to see him in the White House but now he has a mansion of his own. God bless and prayers for you all.

  • konnie logan says:


  • I always liked the way Mr. Thompson spoke on commercials. He had such a calm and understanding sound to his voice. I also liked his name as it was my mother’s maiden name, Thompson. My mother always told me that she had a cousin with that name. I always wondered.
    I wish to send my sympathies to Fred Thompson’s family and wish them comfort in knowing he is at peace.
    Bless you all. My Sympathy,
    Kathy Cartwright

  • Cleatis Caudill says:

    You will be missed by all of America. We are now minus a great man. RIP Senator Thompson. Prayers are with the family, that you will see again

  • James Minton says:

    Senator Thompson, you will be missed sir. Enjoyed your leadership in Congress and your outlook on life. May God bless your family during this time and thank you for being a Great American..

  • Patrick C. Smith says:

    He was a joy to listen to and one helluva actor.

  • Jerry Boyd says:

    My deepest sympathy to the family and friend’s of Sen. Fred Thompson. He was a true patriot; and conservative. He will be missed.

  • Lori Langin says:

    Thanks for being a sane voice, for being a true Southern gentleman and for years of entertainment for so many. You will be missed. Lifting the Thompson family up in my prayers.


    Deepest condolences to Senator Thompson’s family and friends, he was a great man. He was very entertaining in all his movies and TV roles, and he made you feel like you knew him. He will be missed and may he rest in peace.

  • brian mabry says:

    God bless. Prayers are with you and your family. You will be missed.

  • Alice Harnisch says:

    I give my condolences to Mr. Thompson’s family and thank him for a few years of political views I have been reading of his on Facebook. I remembered fondly watching him on the original Law and Order with my mom she always loved that show and he will be deeply missed.

  • Joe Holden says:

    Such a great man. Would loved to have met him. Heaven always needs another good man.

  • Darlene Tollet says:

    Will miss the remarks on Facebook. Fred Thompson was an honorable man and politician.

  • Tony gilmer says:

    A true class act and a real southern gentleman

  • Pam Kazlauskas says:

    Have been a fan of his acting work for years. I also always thought of him as an honest, forthright man; character traits sadly rare in politics. He will be greatly missed.

  • Matt Tucker says:

    I first became fully aware of Fred Thompson during the 1994 Republican Revolution as it was my first time voting. In 1996, I had the fortune of meeting Fred in Murfreesboro TN during a campaign stop, seeing the Red Truck and getting a poster signed. I was later invited and attended his Senate victory party in downtown Nashville. As the end result of the Presidential election came clear that evening, many of us there were hoping that Sen. Thompson would throw his hat in the ring in 2000 against Al Gore. However, as was the case it would be 2008 when he made his attempt and even though I had by then moved from TN to Florida, and by the time the FL primary arrived he had formally withdrawn, I still proudly cast my primary ballot for him.

    A big man, a big voice, and a big heart. I’m happy I had the chance to briefly meet him and call him my Senator. My heart goes out to his family. He will be missed.

  • Ron Ackerman says:

    Always admired Fred in office and then as an actor. He impressed me as a stand up guy who was honest and sincere. Condolences to his family. God Bless.

  • Jackie Achee says:

    RIP Fred. Will miss your Facebook posts. My sympathy to his wife and children. He was a great American.

  • STUART GREER says:

    I wrote a letter to Mr. Thompson in 1993 when I was living in Nashville, asking him how he had broken into the motion-picture industry in Marie. And to my amazement, he wrote me back. It was a charming and sincere response that I appreciated greatly and took to heart. He offered advice that is prescient to this day in my life. He was a wonderful, brilliant, man and actor and the kind of American that we need more of at this point in our history. I only wish I had had the opportunity to know him better. God Bless You, Mr. Thompson, and may you rest in peace.
    Stuart Greer

  • Harold D Pitman says:

    Fred was a great American and we all will greatly miss a man of his character. RIP Fred

  • Yvonne ibarra says:

    Sending my sincere condolences to the family of Mr. Thompson. You were so very blessed to have such a remarkable man in your lives. He was truly a favorite of mine. May he rest in eternal peace.

  • Bishop Roger Willingham says:

    God rest Fred’s soul,prayers for family,extended family and friends.Always enjoyed his role on Law and Order.i appreciated his candor on the issues when he was a senator,no nonsense straight forward , he will be much missed,God bless you all

  • Daniel Brown says:

    May you Rest in Peace, brother.

  • Kevin Boucher says:

    The world was a better place with Mr. Thompson in it. May he rest in peace and may his family be comforted by the knowledge that he was greatly loved and will be sorely missed.

  • Susan Wolter-Brown says:

    Truly a class act …

  • Sandy Cathcart says:

    His life touched so many of us. God be with hid dear family. Rest in Peace dear friend. You will truly be missed

  • Beth Sipula says:

    I’m so sad at the news of Senator Thompson’s passing. I was a fan of his politics, a fan of his acting and I loved his humor. I enjoyed his quips on Facebook immensely. They always made me laugh out loud. I can always enjoy “Arthur Branch” via Law and Order reruns. My sincere condolences to his family; especially his wife and children. He will be missed. Rest in peace.

  • Paul Billups says:

    My family and I send our condolences to the family of The Honorable Senator Thompson. My you find comfort in the memories of the good times you had with him. Thank you for allowing him to work for the people in the US Senate and as an actor in the movies and TV.

  • Kimberly C. says:

    Mr. Thompson was a talented actor and tremendous statesman. His love of country apparent. He’ll be missed by many who never even had a the opportunity to meet him. RIP to descent, kind man. Prayers to Jeri, the children & rest of the family.

  • Harry Grace says:

    I’m very saddened that Mr. Thompson passed away!!! He was a very kind and honorable man!!!

  • Charlotte Mauldin says:

    I will truly miss your frequent Facebook posts, and your wonderful sense of humor. We lost a true Patriot today.
    RIP. You will be missed by many.

  • Cheryle Soucy says:

    Fred was one of my favorite actors…and as a congressman. My sympathies to his family. He will be sorely missed.

  • Victor and Emma Walke says:

    Fred inspired many people. Enjoyed all his movies and everything he was involved in. He will be greatly missed. Condolences and prayers for his family.
    Warm regards….Victor and Emma Walke

  • you will be missed. May you rest in peace.

  • Brad and Brenda Barton says:

    The word that best describes Fred Thompson is “accomplished.” He was an accomplished lawyer, actor and senator. We wish he had been President. God bless and keep him in eternal rest and happiness.

  • Adam Moore says:

    God speed sir. You will be missed.

  • Patye Fisher says:

    No matter what you did in life… you always made me feel like I was a welcomed friend sharing in your successes . be it as a US Senator, actor, Presidential candidate, devoted father and husband, author, political pundit and advisor….not too many can do that . Thank you for your service to the people of America and now Sleep in Heavenly Peace knowing you were loved by so many….my sincere condolences to your Family.

  • Deanna and Larry Akers says:

    We have so many wonderful memories of Mr. Thompson, we will miss Him. Love , The Akers

  • Patty Mrogik says:

    God rest his soul and help his family through this difficult time. What an amazing man he was; from Law and Order to the political arena, he was a man that always felt like an old friend, one you could always trust. He will be sorely missed.

  • Tracy Lloyd says:

    May the peace of God which passes all understanding give you strength and comfort during this time of bereavement. He was a very special man to those of us who watched him on television but never had the opportunity to know him in person.

  • Susan Kramer says:

    I just wanted to offer my condolences to the family of Mr. Thompson. I truly enjoyed him as an actor, but also his political views. He seemed like someone trustworthy and genuine. I’m sure he will be missed by his family and fans. Prayers for his family and close friends as they go through this difficult time. God Bless!

  • 31 of the Best Quotes From Fred Thompson

    Here are 31 quotes and tweets to remember The Honorable Fred Thompson’s active political career.

    **Fred Thompson was one of my all-time favorite politicians. A great American. A great family man. A great person. He will be missed.
    ~ Al Thompson
    Torrance, CA USA

  • John Curran says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Fred Thompson one evening at Palm Restaurant in Tysons Corner, VA. We literally ran into each other coming around a corner.

    He was friendly and funny and after a few minutes of conversation felt like someone I had known for years. We ran into each other a few other times there and he always said hello.

    He was truly a nice person who clearly enjoyed people and life. He will clearly be missed by many. Prays go out to him his Wife and Children and Family.

  • Dr. Jerry McNally says:

    I am so sorry for the Thompson Family for your loss . . . I am so sorry for our country, losing such a patriot. Thank you for your service Sir.
    -Dr. Jerry

  • Krista Shull says:

    The first time I remember seeing Mr. Thompson was as the DA in Law & Order. I started following his career then and supported him in 2008 for the presidency. I was sadden to hear of his sudden death. What an amazing life! Thoughts and Prayers to his family and friends. RIP

  • gina says:

    I’m so sorry, he’s watching fromabove ,hhe’s always with you god bless

  • Sue Fridley says:

    I didn’t know for a long time that he was a Senator. I just loved him as an actor! I thought it was amazing that he was so good at doing both so well at the same time. I am so sorry I didn’t know that he was so ill. Thought and prayers to his family.

  • James Miller says:

    I lived in Tennessee when Fred ran for the Senate and I voted for him. I so enjoy his acting. Fred always seemed to me to be a man of integrity and a real professional. May he rest in peace and may the family be blessed by God.

  • Frances Barker says:

    I loved his acting. Very insightful man. We would of prospered with him in office.

  • James Miller says:

    I lived in Tennessee when Fred ran for the Senate and I voted for him. I so enjoy his acting. Fred always seemed to me to be a man of integrity and a real professional. May he rest in peace and may the family be blessed by God.

    Jim Miller

  • Frances Barker says:

    What a wonderful actor. Very insightful man.

  • Carol Howe says:

    I was saddened to hear of our country’s great loss today! Fred was one of our great men and he will be sorely missed! Rest in peace Mr. Thompson!

  • Mike Moody says:


    My first thought when I heard of your passing was that America lost a true patriot and great man, and that we are now weaker as a country without you. But after giving it some more thought, I can rest easy as long as I know good men like you still exist in this world, and people like you are truly what makes America great. I have no doubt your influence on this world will bring us another generation of great men like yourself. Thank you for your lifelong service to our country and to mankind.

  • Connie Collum says:

    My sincerest condolences in the loss of Sen. Thompson. I loved him as a politician and as an actor. He will be greatly missed. God bless and keep you all.

  • Susan Leja says:

    Rest in peace. Your sense of humor will be greatly missed. My condolences to the family.

  • Fred Thompson will be missed. He seemed like a great guy and I always enjoyed his humor. I agreed with almost everything he did in the senate. I enjoyed his acting career, his opinions on his facebook wall, and hearing him speak at various occasions. He would have made a great president in 2008- RIP

  • Michael R. Whalan says:

    He was one of my favorite “character” actors. Rest in Peace, Senator.

  • Crystal Parker says:

    RIP Fred Thompson. I know you will be missed. My sincere condolences to your family.

  • The late Ex-Sen. Fred Thompson will be sorely missed. I had seen him do a TV commercial and some several yrs. back I heard him on the radio fill in for the late Paul Harvey, Sr. doing news/commentary. May he R.I.P.

  • Janet Malone says:

    So sorry for your loss. He was a true American patriot and I hope all your memories sustain you.

  • Bob Ratliff says:

    One could not help but get a good first impression of Senator Fred Thompson. He just had that sense of Integrity and honesty about him. I am thankful that he served this nation in The United States Senate. I am sure The Senate and Tennessee was all the much better for his service. He graced the television screen and movie screen with his professionalism and presence. I was sorry to hear of his passing, my thoughts go out to his wife and family. I pray he will Rest In Peace. Thank You Fred for blessing this Earth with your presence, it was an honor.

  • Ramone Carbajal says:

    Senator Fred Dalton Thompson will always be remembered in our house , and never forgotten . Ramone Carbajal

  • Sheila Newhouse says:

    Don’t remember too much about him in the senate, but I did enjoy watching him in everything that he played in.. one of my favorites.

  • Caren Cockman says:

    I just wanted to say Fred was a awesome actor I watched him when he was law and order he was a great actor and awesome man I am so sorry for your loss I will lite a candle for him everyday

  • David Pippin says:

    I worked for Fred in the Nashville office during his presidential run. The day he announced I went down and asked what I could do. He was my political role model but I was so impressed with him as a man and ad an American. Fred was a difference maker and that is about as good a compliment as I could give him.

  • Heath Munn says:

    I did not know him personally .Just from the movies and on TV. I know Senator Larry Haines from my church.He must have known Mr. Thompson .I did not know he had left us.May God be with you.

  • Brenda Foskey says:

    Thank you for your service, Sir.

  • Robert Hawkins says:

    I put up dozens of yard signs for Fred all over the county during his SC primary campaign, and afterword gathered them up. I hung onto them too, just in case they’d needed again. I never was motivated to volunteer for any politician before or since. I felt Fred had the talent & character to lead this country, more so than even who we have in politics today. God bless you Fred, your path through life inspired us all.

  • Shyla Lefever says:

    I first became aware of Fred Thompson when I saw the movie “Marie,” in which he played himself. I was quite young, and thought that there was a man like my father–a man I could admire and look up to. I wasn’t wrong–through the years I watched Mr. Thompson in both acting and politics, and always knew he was an honorable, patriotic American (I don’t think he could ever have played a villain in any way that would convince me). Loss is hard, and I know his family keenly suffers his loss. I pray God comforts all who loved him, and watches over the family so dear to him.

  • Randy and Sandra Race says:

    “Russians don’t even take a dump without a plan” … Hunt For Red October

    God’s speed Fred Thompson… You’ve earned your rest… Stand down solider … Others have your watch. 😢

  • Randy Casper says:

    Thank you for your service. R.I.P.

  • Ginger Hite says:

    I remember the first time I ever heard of him…in Nashville where I lived for a few years. He had yard signs out, running for something local.
    I think it was sheriff…don’t know. When the Gov. Blanton case came up. Fred Thompson became a hero! He was amazing and I continued
    to watch his popularity rise everywhere. I was disappointed when he decided not to run again for Senator. But I was never disappointed in
    him. He was my choice when he ran for President. He would have been a wonderful president.
    I am so sad for his family and all those who were fortunate to have known him personally.
    He is missed already. He won’t be forgotten.

  • Diana Hamilton says:

    The loss of a great senator and actor has impacted the world he touched. Fred Thompson touched all of us in so many ways. May he now rest in the arms of our Lord and be at peace. God Bless you Fred.

  • Doug Woodley says:

    I just wish I’d gotten to shake your hand and thank you.

  • Nancy Walton says:

    He will be missed great actor

  • Heather Goodrich says:

    Dear Thompson Family,

    Your dad was truly an inspiration. He inspired me to go to law school. Thanks for sharing him with the world. It may not have been easy, but it was definitely worth it.

  • Carol J. Hinds says:

    Rest In Peace Fred Thompson, May God bless you and your family

  • Roland Sorensen says:

    I loved Fred’s sense of humor and enjoyed his Facebook page immensely. Rest in Peace, Fred.

  • Taylor William Canon says:

    I have never had the honor of knowing about this man when he was alive, however now I have heard of him in his unfortunate passing. From what I know now about Senator Thompson, he was a great public that we should all look up to as an example as a leader. May He rest in the eternal loving arms of Jesus Christ forever! My prayers are with his family. Rest in Peace Senator Fred Thompson, you are gone only for a little while until we see you again along with the golden gates above!

  • Baiba Darley says:

    You will be missed Senator Thompson. R.I.P loved you as an actor and politician. Prayers for your family.

  • Barbara Clayton says:

    Admired Mr. Thompson. Thoroughly enjoyed him on “Law and Order” and I just remembered he was in “Die Hard”, the line I remember “Let’s rack ’em and stack ’em, when he referred to the planes being held hostage in the sky. Great actor! I will miss him!

  • Michael K. Woolsey says:

    Really had the utmost respect for this man. He spoke the REAL truth. A gifted actor, too! We lost the last of the honest congressmen, when we lost Fred! R.I.P., dear sir!

  • Richard & Sandi Pitkin says:

    We never knew Fred personally, but enjoyed his work as an actor, supported his work as a Senator and admired him as a man. May your wonderful and loving memories of Fred help ease your pain. The world lost a great man.

  • Patty Beavers says:

    Rest in peace Fred!

  • Brenda Hoover Saxe says:

    Was so sorry to hear of his passing. I thought he would make a great president. Loved it that he is one of the few politicians who stand for their principals of keeping our country the greatest and stands for truth, justice, loyalty and honor for the American people.

  • Betty Anne Robinson says:

    My deepest condolences to the family. My family and I have been firm supporters of Mr. Thompson. This is quite a shock. We loved him as an Actor and as Senator. He was a good man. He will be greatly missed.

    Danna Nichols and Betty Anne Robinson.

  • Molly Van Dyke says:

    What a great American Patriot you were! You will be missed!

  • gregory diane says:

    thoughts and prayer come to shine victory and mercy. the heavens shine tears upon the sky make a rainbow to see the promise of eternity shine on

  • BILL GRICE says:

    Fred was a good man! Fred Thompson was one of the most honest politicians ever!

  • Robert McGibeny says:

    Love the movies and when he and Jerry went on the Hannity show. Prayers to Jerry and the kid and the rest of the Family. RIP Fred you will be missed

  • Mary Ann Simmons says:

    A true American Statesman .

  • Barbara Lockard says:

    What a wonderful, thoughtful and strong man. Respected you politically and admired your acting. You will be missed.

  • Dean S. Chapman says:

    A fine example of an American to the world.

  • Melissa Kievit says:

    He was a great man and a great actor who will be missed. Your family’s in my thoughts and prayers!

  • Mary Ann Simmons says:

    Rest in Peace to a true American patriot.


    Thank you for your service to our Country and for entertaining us in films and on TV. You, your strength of character and classic common sense that left his country a better place. You will be missed Senator Thompson. Rest In Peace. May God give your family, comfort, strength, and peace during this very difficult time.

  • James K. Angerstein says:

    Senator Thompson was a fine man, a terrific Actor, an Honest and repurable Senator and, a true American, R.I.P. and our condolances to his family for your loss and America’s.

  • Liza says:

    Many of us – those who knew Fred from afar, or were even privileged to meet him (and his imposing but gentle frame) once or twice – grieve with the family and close friends of this Patriot. He served in so many arenas and always with what appeared such great fervor, professionalism, authenticity, and integrity. I remembered him first as a Senator (and the hearings) and then was so surprised to see him as an actor. What a career! He inspired many. May his legacy live on in those of you who were most influenced by his life of honor. May God bless you and enrich your memories with great celebration and peace as you mourn his loss on the Earth.

  • Joe says:

    You will be missed greatly

  • James Adams says:

    A fan long before becoming a “Fred Head”, I always loved watching him in his movies and the Law and Order series, and supported him through his political bids.
    With heartfelt thoughts and prayers, I send my condolences. May God Bless you, and your family

  • Howard Dingman says:

    Rest in peace, kind sir. The world suffers a tragic loss by your passing.

  • Kristie Morgan Huddleston says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss, I thought he was a great man.

  • Robert Passarelli says:

    Would have made one of the best Presidents this country could of had. I pray for his family and friends, he shall be missed.

  • Jacque Wiggins says:

    May God send your family peace , comfort, and strength during this time.

  • I followed Fred’s Facebook quips for years. He had a enormous sense of humor. Since I never met the man, I cannot say I will miss him. That would be dishonest. But I will miss those quips.

  • John Ashby says:

    Admired his political views. And his genuine personality. May he watch over us all.

  • Karen Hammond says:

    I saw him on Law & Order, very good actor, & I know he was actually a very caring person in real life
    He will truly be missed

  • Eileen J. Morrissey, Fort Lee, NJ says:

    I have watched many an episode of Law & Order and always enjoyed Senator Thompson, and in many a re-run as well. As a fellow Republican, I began to follow his posts on Facebook and truly admired him for his opinions and thoughts, clicking the “Like” button continually. Somewhere along the line I realized we were the same age and had many viewpoints in common. I came to respect him as a person as well as an actor and will miss him very much. His posts on Facebook were very comforting to me, and so often gave me a chuckle. Please accept my condolences on your great personal loss. The Senator’s passing is a tragic loss to the entire country.

  • Greg Waldrop says:

    We need more people like Fred.

  • Babette Cade says:

    Thank you for your life and service. A better man could not be found.

  • Marla Reames says:

    I got to meet Mr. Thompson and he was a very Special man!!! He will be missed so very much!! Thoughts and Prayers go out to his family and many friends!!

  • Martha Aldridge says:

    You will be missed. May GOD comfort your family & friends.

  • Jeannine Thibault says:

    Thank you Mr Thompson..for showing Washington DC that you can be a Senator and still have class, style and integrity…Will miss your wonderful sense of humor on Facebook and Twitter….RIP Sir and God Bless your family.

  • Jason and Nicole Self and family says:

    God bless you Fred, for all you’ve done. We shall miss you dearly, and we know your family have felt the loving impact you’ve had with so many lives.
    May your family, friends, voters, and fans be comforted in knowing you are in heaven waiting for them to join you with Christ. You will be missed greatly.

  • Paige says:

    I met Fred when he made a campaign stop in 2008 in Charleston SC. I’d worked all night, and then met up with a co-worker to attend his rally. There was no grand-standing or show about him. He was just so…I don’t even know the right words to describe him. It was like talking to a parent or grandparent that was just so wise. Rest peacefully, fine sir.

  • Beth Roll says:

    I loved Mr. Thompson! Eight years ago I was so hoping he would be elected President….what a great leader he would have been for the United States. I believe Mr. Thompson was one of the few remaining “good guys”. He was honest, never forgot where he came from and stayed true to his roots. He was a wonderful actor and one of my favorites…..I think I saw him perform in most everything he appeared in. I will miss his humorous and witty postings on Facebook. I offer my sincere condolences to his family for the loss of this great man, but please know that the public grieves with you…

  • Belinda Boehler says:

    My family and I are so sorry to hear of Fred’s passing. He will surely be missed by many. Our deepest condolences to your family. May you find peace in remembering what joy he brought to everyone’s life that he was a part of.

  • chris says:

    You will be missed god bless you and may god take care of you

  • Kim Imburgia says:

    I will miss seeing him on the big screen, he was a great actor!! Rest in Peace

  • Andrew Sprinkles says:

    Mr Thompson was the first person I voted for in 1994 when he ran for US senate. His presence and charisma is what sets him apart from anyone else who ran for public office. I truly wished he would’ve been our President in 2008. I truly believe he would’ve been the greatest President of all time but God had a greater plan for him. Prayers are with the Thompson family. RIP Mr Thompson.

  • Steve Nelson says:

    I am just an ordinary guy and avid movie fan and I enjoyed Mr. Thompsons performances in movies and on TV. I always thought whenever I saw him speaking; What a fine Gentleman he must be. I think a quality man like Mr. Thompson will be greatly missed. My best regards to his family at this time.
    Steve Nelson
    Author of 11 eBooks at:

  • Tim Fay says:

    I alway found his performances entertaining , I could relate to his speaches, and found his integrity compelling . I would happily and unreservedly voted for him to the office of President of the United States . I respected his opinion even when I disagreed with him. From what others have said of his character over the years, he would have, I think been a superior Predident. He would have given us the kind of leadership we need in our country. I’ve always enjoyed following him on FACEBOOK as he always had something worth reading and he could be very funny. I am going to miss him. My condolences to his family. I too lost my beloved to cancer in march of this year, and I’m sorry for your loss. I pray God consoles his lived ones with the balm of his love, as he surely enfolds Fred Thompson in his bosom. R I P.

  • Ralph Chalker says:

    Our country has lost a great American and noble statesman in the passing of Senator Fred Thompson. Our heartfelt sympathy and prayers go out to the Thompson family.

  • Rico Zottig says:

    It was a honor and a pleasure being your cameraman on the campaign trail. You will be missed Sir.

  • Yvonne Brady says:

    Didn’t know him personally but he had a type of charisma that made you feel as though you did. I was hoping he’d get the nomination on 2008 as I feel he would have been a great president. Prayers to his family and other loved ones. Godspeed, Senator!!!

  • Brian Ehni says:

    I was particularly saddened last night to hear of Sen. Thompson’s passing. He served his country well in his 73 years in a variety of positions, including Watergate attorney, actor, U.S. Senator, and Presidential candidate. I shall miss his pithy one or two-liner quips on Facebook, most of which I shared. He was a great man, with impeccable ethics, which he refused to compromise.

  • Beth Stout says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of Fred’s passing. I liked his acting, and really liked his political life. A great American. I especially liked to see his quips on a topic and he always made me laugh! He will be missed. Rest in peace Fred and thanks for the little part you played in my life 🙂

  • Janet Ney says:

    to the family of Fred Thompson: in 2007, a huge number of people started a ‘draft fred’ website to urge him to run for president. I was a part of that movement. Several of us spent our own money to take out ads in various states to tell people about the amazing person he was. Some of us drove around our respective states to talk to republican meetings about the person of Fred Dalton Thompson. We are still a group and consider each other family. We were brought together because of Fred and we will always be a ‘family’ because of our common morals/ethics/love. Thank you, Fred, for your passion and love of God/family/friends/country.

    Janet Ney, member of ‘Fred Sisters Forever’

  • Marty Frye says:

    Thank you Senator Thompson for all you did, for the GOP. Er will miss you.

  • Joanna Covington-Imberi says:

    A TRUE American, your passion for making this country better was huge, you will be missed by so many. RIP Mr. Thompson xoxox 🙁

  • Vonnie Whitemagpie says:

    Rest in peace Mr. Fred Thompson. I have followed you on your site. I have enjoyed your humor, and insight for many a moon now. You will be missed!

  • Barb Murvihill says:

    RIP Sen. Thompson. He would’ve made a wonderful president!
    – Proud Fredhead

  • Susan Anderson says:

    Found online in a meme

    “My friend just died. I don’t know what to do!”

    A lot of people responded. Then there is one old guy’s incredible comment that stood out from the rest that might just change the way we approach life and death.

    “Alright here goes. I’m old. What that means is that I’ve survived (so far) and a lot of people I’ve known and loved did not. ‘ve lost friends, best friends, acquaintances, co-workers, grandparents, mom, relatives, teachers, mentors students, neighbors and a host of other folks. I have no children, and I can’t imagine the pain it must be to lose a child. But here’s my two cents:

    I wish I could say you get used to people dying. I never did. I don’t want to. It tears a hole through me whenever somebody I love dies, no matter the circumstances. But I don’t want it to “not matter.” I don’t want it to be something that just passes. My scars are a testament to the love and the relationship I had for and with that person. And the scar is deep, so was the love. So be it. Scars are a testament to life. Scars are the testament that I can love deeply and be cut, or even gouged, and that I can heal and I can continue to live and continue to love. And the scar tissue is stronger than the original flesh ever was. Scars are a testament to life. Scars are only ugly to people who can’t see.

    As for the grief, you’ll find it comes in waves, when the ship is first wrecked, you’re drowning, with wreckage all around you. Ever thing floating around you reminds you of the beauty and the magnificence of the ship that was, and is no more. And all you can do is float. You find some piece of wreckage and you hang on for a while. Maybe it’s some physical thing. Maybe it’s a happy memory or a photograph. Maybe it’s a person who is also floating. For a while, all you can do is float. Stay alive.

    In the beginning, the waves are 100 feet tall and crash over you without mercy. They come 10 seconds apart and don’t even give you time to catch your breath. All you can do is hang on and float. After a while, maybe weeks, maybe months, you’ll find the waves are still 100 feet tall, but they come further apart. When they come, they still crash all over you and wipe you out. But in between, you can breathe, you can function. You never know what’s going to trigger the grief. It might be a song, a picture, a street intersection, the smell of a cup of coffee. It could be just about anything… and the wave comes crashing. But in between waves there is life.

    Somewhere down the line, and it’s different for everybody, you find that the waves are only 80 feet tall or 50 feet tall. And while they still come,, they come further apart. You can see them coming, for the most part and prepare yourself. And when it washes over you, you know that somehow you will, again, come out the other side. Soaking wet, sputtering, still hanging on to the tiny piece of the wreckage, but you’ll come out.

    Take it from an old guy. The waves never stop coming, and somehow you don’t really want them to. But you learn that you’ll survive them. And other waves will come and you will survive them too. If you are lucky, you’ll have lots of scars from lots of loves and lots of shipwrecks.”

    Author unknown

  • Irene May says:

    I did not know Senator Thompson personally, but I felt like I knew him. I loved him in Law and Order, and as a Presidential candidate, but his postings and musings on Facebook were a highlight for me every time. He always had a way to make the news of the day palatable. I would always smile and share his thoughts. He was a great and good man and will be sorely missed. God Bless and Rest in Peace, Senator Thompson.

  • Michelle says:

    From everything I knew about him, Fred Thompson was an amazing person. I loved watching him act. I enjoyed his facebook comments. He was the only politician I trusted to tell the truth. Heaven is blessed.

  • Rosemary Fritts says:

    What a great statesman who will be missed!

  • Jennifer Isbell says:

    Fred was great. I loved him on Law and Order and he was my candidate for president – honest, experienced and with common sense. My husband still has a hat from his campaign. The door in my bathroom has many quotes on it – from Thomas Paine, Pres. Bush’s speech after 911, Gandi, etc. I have several Fred quotes as well including, ” After two years in Washington, I often long for the realism and sincerity of Hollywood.” His wisdom, wit and sincerity will be missed.

  • Shelia Noel says:

    I was heartbroken when I received the alert last night on my phone that Fred Thompson had passed. My heartfelt prayers are with the family.

  • Joe L. Albritton says:

    God Bless You Senator Thompson! May you Rest In Peace, in the hands of our great Lord!

  • Jodi Herd says:

    I was a huge fan of his movie/TV work and more importantly, Mr. Thompson’s political work. I was a Fred Head in 08 and was devastated when he dropped out of the race. He would have made one heck of a president! RIP dear sir. Prayers of comfort and love for his sweet family.

  • Laura Hult says:

    You were my first choice in 2007. How I wish you would have won! Rest in Peace, sir…and thank you for your service!

  • Bob Rupe says:

    I am so sorry for your great loss. I wish I had known this American Icon of a man. All I could know tells me I truly share your grief. May the Grace of God be with you today and always.

  • Jenni Riegel says:

    Saddened to learn of his death. He was my guy for President and I loved him on SVU. Peace and comfort to his family.

  • I will miss your wonderful presence and booming voice. I will miss your larger than life persona. I thank you for all you have done both in your acting career and your political life. I wish we had a whole congress full of Freds. our loss is heavens gain. keeping your family and friends in my prayers. May they have that peace that passes all our
    understanding. thank you for sharing this wonderful man with us he will certainly be missed. <3

  • Rhonda Dent says:

    I felt like I lost another member of my family. Fred Thompson has been a part of my viewing history for many many years and of course I always loved him as an amazing Republican. My prayers for healing for the family. I used to love reading his posts, he made me laugh. I will never forget that voice. Rest In Peace

  • Dottie Cornett says:

    Condolences and prayers for the family.

  • Dottie Cornett says:

    Condolences and prayers for the family.

  • Nancy says:

    I was very saddened to read that Fred Thompson had passed away. I loved watching him an TV but also was excited that he was running for president a few years ago. He reminded me of President Regan. God got another angel. RIP sir. Will miss seeing you.

  • I always admired the gentleman and was very sorry to read of his passing.

  • Bob Harris says:

    The thoughts and prayers of my family go out to your family. Fred was truly a GREAT AMERICAN.

  • Jennifer Lopp says:

    My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to his family! Fred was one of the nicest men you will ever find. He never forgot his roots and as the older people used to say he never got above his raising. He was a friend and he helped me out several times and for that I will always be grateful. He made our hometown and state proud. He will greatly be missed. We lost an awesome man! RIP Fred!

  • Derek Petersen says:

    Sir – Your impact was greater than the sum of the stories which are told. Your ability to use so few words to create such a large impact will be missed. I’m sorry we never met, but I could tell you were a sincere man. God bless you and your family.

  • Lara says:

    A fine example of a true man. This world needs more like Fred Thomson.

    May the Lord comfort the Thompson families.

  • Wendy Getsinger says:

    I am truly sorry and saddened to hear of Senator Thompson’s home going! I remember him as a great Senator and Actor! A principled man who stood up for what he believed in while living in the midst of a liberal Hollywood! Many thanks to This wonderful man and many prayers for his family, friends and many fans for which I am one of! He will be truly missed but never forgotten! May his family feel the peace, joy and love of God during this time and the many difficult days ahead!

    “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted
    and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” (Psalm 34:18)

  • You reminded me of my rock, my father. A stern Military man and devoted conservative. As a fellow actor I had the utmost respect for your work and it will continue in the future. I only wish I could have worked with you. RIP my friend. God Speed.

  • Ken & Rebecca Western says:

    We will truly miss Fred. He was someone that we looked forward to seeing on TV and the movie screen. We especially loved and supported his political views and his views as a great man of honor. What a loss for us all. He will be missed so much. Your family will be in our prayers. May God bless you with peace a true sense of positive assurance in knowing that we will see Fred again someday soon.
    Shalom ❤️

  • Robert Riley Vranich, II says:

    Prayers for his family. I could listen to him when I disagreed because there was no doubting his quality of character; that what he had to say came from the hart and good faith reson. There’s not enough of that in the world ever. Now it’s all our loss there’s less.

  • Judy Frazer says:

    So loved and respected this man……….He was such an example and great at whatever he did.Condolences to the family!

  • Lyn Mead says:

    I watched the hearings you led and followed you over the years. I voted for you to be our President and valued your thoughts. You will be missed. My prayers are with Jerry and the children.

  • Shannon thames says:

    Sen. Thompson was a great actor and an even greater American. I am very grateful that he chose to answer his call to serve. I truly believe he is what our forefathers hoped for when they built our nation in terms of government officials. My prayers and condolences to his family and also my thanks for sharing this great man with us. We are a better state and country because he was here.

  • James Mellard says:

    So sorry for the family and their loss… Fred was a man for all to admire and a person to admire. I certainly looked up to him and will miss his wit and presence on this planet.

  • Paulette Dorris says:

    My prayers are for your family to feel God’s love and comfort. I had the honor to meet Senator Thompson once. He was a fine man…he gave a lot of his life to public service. I will be praying for your daily.

  • Jon Dahlen says:

    I wanted to see Mr. Thompson run for President. He was a no nonsense, straight talker. We need more like him. He will be missed.

  • Ruth Judy says:

    I’ve loved and respected Sen. Thompson as an actor and senator. Prayers for all his family and friends. We have all lost such a great American.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Frank Renaud says:

    RIP Mr. Thompson, loved you in the TV series too.

  • Nik Rule says:

    During his 2008 Presidential campaign in Iowa I had the honor of working for Fred. He was very enjoyable to be around and was always gracious and expressed his sincere thanks. He was a joy to work for and a true statesman. Praying for the family.

  • Michael Yoerger says:

    There are very few human brings I have been as impressed with as much as Fred Thompson. He has long been someone I have greatly admired, and I hope that myself and others can learn from the legacy he leaves behind. Hope to see you again in Heaven, Fred. My thoughts and prayers are with the Thompson family – as it hard as it can be to come to terms with this loss, I hope you are able to find solace in the full life he lead and celebrate the man loved by so many.

  • Linda says:

    RIP Mr Thompson, you were truly loved and you will be missed.

  • Jodie says:

    My thoughts, prayers, and deepest condolences are with the family of Mr. Thompson at this time.

  • I have watched every episode of Law and Order and you can tell just by is acting that he was the same in real life a man that will be missed. RIP.

  • Tami McDonald says:

    Each time a great patriot passes – someone that I think can actually DO something positive to help this country come back from the brink – I feel sadder than before. We will miss you SO much! Thank you for your service to our country. I’ll always be disappointed that I didn’t get to say “President Fred Thompson.” Prayers and support to all of your family as they have to pass through this difficult time.

  • Marsha Watts Foreman says:

    Fred Thompson has always been one of my favorite actors and then he became one of the best Politicians.
    Rest in Peace!

  • Kimberly Manns says:

    Your kind heart will be missed by so many!! Thank you for all you hard work and Deducation to our Country!! Play your next role in peace!!!

  • Sonja Elliott says:

    Mr. Thompson was a man I did not know personally; but, I watched his life in politics and on television. I always told my husband how distinguished and proud he was. He was always so kind and conservative. I wish the world had a million more like him. He will be missed. His precious family are in my prayers…

  • Diana Liston says:

    You will be missed sir. Your honesty, love of America, and your heart were a blessing for this country. Thank you for your service. You made a difference.

  • Diana Alm Liston says:

    You were a true patriot sir, who loved America. We all loved and admired you for your heart, your patriotism and your love of America. Your honesty will be missed.

  • Mike Loftin says:

    Loved this man. Loved the way he served the country, and loved him in every film that he was in. He truly was a great American.

  • Deanna Brown says:

    Fond memories of Mr. Thompson’s patriotic wit and charm. A good life. A good man.

  • MONTE VIOLET says:


  • Laura says:

    Prayers and thoughts going out to the family. I still have the gold coin I won in one of his contests. Wonderful man, a true American inspiration.

  • JP Sutton says:

    Dear Jeri and family,

    All Americans share in your loss. May G0d comfort you at this difficult time.

  • David & Amy Jackson says:

    Our prayers are with you.

  • Stephen Bailey says:

    A true politician and American. A rare person for God and country. Pray for more to take his place while we still can.

  • Hester V. Regan says:

    I will miss this man. Loved him as a Senator, actor, in commercials, and his wonderful sense of humor.
    I am terribly saddened by his passing.
    I pray God will comfort his wife, children family and friends

  • Yvonne Florance says:

    Prayers extended to Fred’s family as they cope with their grief at this time. Fred will always be remembered for the extraordinary man
    that he was.

  • Please accept my deepest sympathy ,as well as love for my favorite actor.respect for his outlook ,and love for people ,and this country .He shall certainly be missed by me,my family…Prayers for your family ,for GOD to intervene to heal ..
    I shall always love you.. And remember how you touched so many people with love and kindness

  • Brandon H says:

    Thank you Mr. Thompson for being there for me in 01 when my family needed assistance, you came to Afghanistan to visit the troops and took the time to help us with an issue that we had been dealing with for over a year, And resolved it in less than one week. I will never forget what you did for my family and the fact that you took the time to help us! Your loss deeply saddens many people including myself who you touched in your tenure of politics.

  • Janet says:

    There was something about Fred Thompson that struck a chord in me. He seemed like someone you could depend on. He was excellent at everything he did. Prayers for his family.

  • Michael Springfield says:

    RIP Senator. Your wisdom and sense of humor will be greatly missed. You were the best we have seen since Ron and Reagan.

    God speed.

  • John and Rita Hilbert says:

    Senator Thompson was such a great man and will always be remembered as the voice of the political right. He was smart, full of common sense and able to laugh at himself as well as others. I always wanted his to be in the White House as I thought he would return the country to the days of pride and excellence as President Reagan had done. … God Bless all of his family.

    Secure the border, Kill the terrorists and punch the Hippies 🙂

  • Rita F Hilbert says:

    Fred was a great guy Enjoyed watching him on “Law and Order” Always thought he would have made a great president! He will be missed

  • Thoughts and prayers for all ~

  • Sheri and David Harding says:

    So sorry to hear of the passing of Senator Thompson. My husband and I admired him greatly. He was a gifted statesman and a fine actor. In particular, I enjoyed reading his insightful quotes concerning the events and people affecting our lives as American. We are praying for the comfort and peace that only God can give for his wife, children and all who knew and loved him.

  • Jan Levan says:

    We will miss you, Fred. RIP

  • Melissa J Beach says:

    A favorite in politics, acting, and life. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  • John says:

    Very respected man.
    R.I.P. Mr Thompson.
    He will be missed.

  • kristen page says:

    my deepest sympathies to the Thompson family. I enjoyed watching him on law and order. he will be deeply missed.

  • David and Tracy Atkinson says:

    R.I.P. Mr. Thompson. You will be missed.

  • TeaDea Montana says:

    I am saddened on the news of the passing of this great man and patriot.
    Sincere Condolences to his entire family.
    He will be greatly missed

  • Hans Hartman says:

    I was a Fred supporter for his run at the Whitehouse. I always had the feeling that Fred was the right man to lead the nation. We have lost a man who loved the USA. God has called home one of his own. May he be remembered as a man who never compromised his morals for personal gains.

  • Rob Kinder says:

    My God Bless you & welcome you in heaven Fred. I pray your wife & young family has strength during these difficult times. I pray the Holy Spirit will guide them through these the days. weeks, months & years ahead. I pray they will see you again heaven where there is no pain, no suffering only happiness & eternal life. God Bless you & thank you for your service to our great country!

  • Richard Monroe says:

    Thoughts and prayers to the family. Senator Thompson excelled in everything he did and will be missed. R.I.P. Senator.

  • m rizza says:

    Fred was a patriot, a talented actor, and a great human being. This country is a better place for his contributions to society.

    He will be missed here.

    God Bless and RIP

  • Patricia Bates says:

    I have always liked and respected him. I am sorry to hear about his passing. He will be missed!

  • Jeannie Weir says:

    God rest your soul. Always felt that your acting mirrored who you were as a human being. Because if this your acting was real, and always drew me in.

    May your family be comforted and at peace thru our Lord. Amen

  • Kimberly Hampton says:

    My thoughts and prayers for you and your family very sorry for your loss Fred Thompson was a great man he will be missed.

  • Dee Hill says:

    To the Family and Loved ones of Fred Thompson, he was an amazing American, Patriot, Actor and so much more. May your memories and love for him carry you through the tough times. May he rest in peace. Heavenly Blessings to Fred!

  • Dee Hill says:

    Bradenton, FL

  • Ron Gibbs says:

    A great actor, and a great man.

  • Julie Hutchinson says:

    I wish I’d had have the joy and privilege to have met him. I’ve probly seen him alot thru the years, tho the first big impression was his part in “Days of Thunder”. I loved him in that movie!!!
    I’m saddened that he is gone. And I surly hope he made an impression on our youth today.
    He was a great example of how to be/act/do/indore. He carried himself well. And I will miss him.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    RIP Fred Thompson

  • George King says:

    We have lost another of the “white hats”. One of the good guys and he will be missed. Condolences to all the family and friends.

  • Angela White says:

    You will be missed! Thank you for your service~!!! I will miss your daily comments~!!!! Love to all of your family~!!! <3

  • Deedee Johnson says:

    What a wonderful man. That booming voice and wonderful personality made him such a standout. He will be greatly missed for all of the wonderful good that he did in this world. Well done my good and faithful servant, well done!

  • George King says:

    We have lost another “white hat”. One of the good guys and will be missed. Condolences to the family and friends.

  • Linda Byrd says:

    One of my all time favorite movies is Hunt for the Red October. Thank you Mr. Thompson for being a great Senator who truly loved our country and also starring in great movies to enjoy over and over. Rest in Peace.

  • Janice Weigle says:

    He was a good man and will be missed!

  • Debbie Ashton says:

    I always loved Senator Thompson’s quick, dry sarcastic wit! I often shared his posts on facebook because many times they gave me a good old fashioned belly laugh. I will truly miss this this gentleman statesman. They don’t make them like that anymore. Prayers and condolences for his family. I know the world is a better place because of Senator Thompson.

  • Drew says:

    Mr.Thompson was a good man , my grandfather and his father were close friends ,and my dad went to school with Fred in Lawrenceburg ., R.I.P. sir

  • John D Fickes says:

    RIP Mr. (Senator) Thompson. You will be missed

  • Michal A. Bisson says:

    Thank you Fred Thompson for you love of America & all your years of service to our nation!! You were a true American patriot & may you Rest In Peace!! Prayers for your friends & family as this is a huge loss to all!!!

  • Rip, to a great actor and someone who stood for the things he believed in…

    Thank you

  • Debra Kelly says:

    Die Hard 2, Hunt for the Red October, Law & Order SVU & Criminal Intent, respected former US Senator, Republican & former Presidential Candidate ~ America has lost a great man. Rest in Peace Sen. Thompson

  • Hal Foster says:

    A well respected Gentleman I will miss him on the Big and small screnes Rest In Peace

  • Deepest, sincerest sympathies to the family of Mr. Thompson. He was a remarkable gentleman.
    A true American who loved his country and served it with dignity, respect, and humility. As a public figure, he was never an embarrassment.
    I truly enjoyed your acting roles and respected your politics. I could trust you for the truth.
    RIP, Sir, you have earned it.
    Thank you. You will be missed.

  • Michael & Felina Adkins says:

    We enjoyed his acting as well as his political writing. May he rest in peace.

  • Sean Beasinger says:

    I would like wish you and your family the deepest condolences and apologizies I wish you always the best of better times😄😊

  • Ray and Linda Tripoli says:

    No matter where you saw Mr. Thompson, he made you feel like you were “home”. God Bless him and God Bless America.

  • Ray Rodriguez says:

    Mission Accomplished Godspeed Mr Thompson

  • Lisa says:

    Prayers for family… RIH 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Sean Beasinger says:

    I would like to sincerely offer my dearest apologies for you & your family how deAR OF A GENTleman he will always be! I enjoyed his work!! 😄😆😛

  • Lisa Martin says:

    God needed his angel back. Fred will be missed. He always had humorous post on facebook that always made me laugh. May he rest in peace. Prayers being said for his family.

  • Sandra Bagwell says:

    I still get frustrated when I think how well he would have done as President. I still stay in contact with a group of people I met as a result of his Presidential campaign. I am praying for his family. I enjoyed his acting skills, loved listening to his voice, and appreciated his common sense political views often given with a touch of humor.

  • Krystle says:

    Loved watching Fred Thompson on law and order. Going to miss him!

  • A. Fougere says:

    I just want to say what a great man Fred Thompson was. His intelligence, wit, and compassion all were very striking to me and in a time when I have nearly zero faith in our government and leaders, I looked up to him as an honest and sincere man. I loved his commentary and his humor! I wish sincere condolences to his friends and his family. He will be truly missed. God bless you all.

  • Irene Davis says:

    Fred Thompson was bigger than life. A good leader, a true patriot. He will be dearly missed. Prayers for a Fred and his family. May he RIP.

  • edward abner says:

    Mr. Thompson was a man I always thought I would like to have met. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family

  • Christa Criddle says:

    When he was running for President in 2008, there was a group of us in Ohio who worked for the Bush-Cheney Campaign that were all fired up to get him elected President and were leading his campaign efforts here in Ohio. We still believe he would have made a great president. Yesterday upon hearing of his passing we are all saddened for the loss to his family and America as he was a great man. We are also commenting on the wonderful people we met because of the Fred Thompson campaign- people that I became friends with after meeting them during the 08 campaign. A great man brought some great people together and for that we are very thankful! Rest in Peace Fred!

  • Bill Aken says:

    There are very few men in the world with Fred Thompson’s class. Will be sorely missed.


    My deepest sympathy for your family. May God wrap his arms around you.

  • Thanks Fred for touching my life with with incredible acting ability, your amazing sense of humor, (I always enjoyed your quick witted one liners that you posted on Facebook) the conservative values that you held, the way you read through the media bias, but most of all, thank you for your being a man of character and high intgierty! God Bless. Rp

  • Sue Karen says:

    My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Thompson’s family and friends. I never knew him personally, but had him in my friend network at FB. I loved the one liners he would post, showed me his love for his family and the love he had for his country. He will be truly missed. ( I was also a fan of his when he did “Law & Order”)

    May God Bless the Thompson Family!

  • Ms. M. Bland says:

    The world has lost another fine actor and Heaven has gained another Angel. May you forever Rest in Peace & God Bless your family. Xoxox~M.

  • Jill Merritt says:

    So very sorry for your loss. Our prayers are with all of you.

  • Thomas Rogers says:

    I’d like to share a story about my son that then Senator Thompson helped me with. Back in 2000 on the last day of basic training early in the day my son broke his foot across the arch but didn’t say anything about his injury and completed and passed all of his testing. Later in the evening his instructor notice him limping and asked about it and took him to the hospital. He called home the next day very upset and said that the NAVY wanted to discharge him and let him re-enlist at a later date. I called Senator Thompson’s office and explained the situation to them and received a call shortly from the senator himself asking about my son. Telling the senator more about my son and that he was an Eagle Scout Senator Thompson said he would look into the matter. A few days later I received a letter from his office telling me that the situation had been resolved and that my son would be allowed to stay on active duty as he wished. I will never forget Senator Thompson for his dedication and devotion to the men and women of our armed forces , he held them with the highest degree of honor and respect. As senator he served the State of Tennessee and the United States of America with that same degree of honor , respect , and devotion. He was a great American , a true lighthouse for our country to look to in some of it’s darkest days in decades and will be greatly missed. My deepest prayers go out for his family and friends in their time of loss ans sorrow with this reminder that God will surely wrap his arms of love and protection around those who put their trust in him. May God Bless.

  • Mark rewey says:

    To the family of Fred Thompson, like many, I am just a person that knows of him through TV and the news. From what I’ve seen and know of the man, he was a great person and individual who has had a great impact in our lives! He will surely be missed and forever hold a place in our hearts! God rest his soul!

  • My husband love to watch him play on Law and Order. One hell of an actor, he will be missed.

  • Lee Goodridge says:

    Fred Thompson has touched so many lives, his humor and whit will be so missed. May he rest in peace and may God comfort his close friends and family.

  • Always admired him and enjoyed is play on words about current politics.

  • Ellen Marie Malloy says:

    Fred touched my life through Law and Order first….I didnt realize he was a politician until after that exposure. I followed him, and subscribed to his newsfeed on my Facebook timeline. He was always full of insightful musings, sometimes with the sarcasm hitting just the right note with an ideology that struck home with me. I will miss him in my daily life and I know that he has gone home, a man who contributed much to this world.

  • Anne Sturgill says:

    Fred was a good man that stood of law and order for all in the circle of life. He was my friend from afar and always there when it mattered for his attribute blessings to shine for support of strong values at the base!! May his soul continue to help the world from above!! God knows we need his support!!

    My respect and love for you always Fred,

    Anne Sturgill

  • Roger Bishop says:

    Senator Thompson was a very versatile and remarkable man. He will be missed.

  • Beth Sidel says:

    I met Fred and Jeri in Columbus Ohio, when Fred was running for President.I was honored to be a deligate. ( I live in Fl. now)
    I was so impressed by Fred’s words as he spoke to us with passion in his heart and encouragement about the greatness of America.

    He was a true patriot. He will be missed greatly.
    Rest is Peace Fred. You ran the good race with zeal for life, caring about others and for proclaimed America’s path for success and greatness
    with your life and your words.

    My condolences to Jeri and the family.

    Beth Sidel
    Leesburg Ohio

  • Julia Bullard says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. May God give you peace, comfort and wrap His ever-loving arms around you. He will truly be missed….

  • Eugene Hewitt says:

    I just learned this morning of his passing. I was introduced to him by way of the tv series “Wiseguy.” He was a great talent and even greater man. May God Bless Him.

  • Kristal Woods says:

    Well Respected actor, senator, and man who impacted our live in a big way! Prayers to the family..God Bless

  • Albert & Joan Litton says:

    Fred was our senator and we were drawn to his conservative views and down-home style. Then, as soon as we heard the first hint of his thinking about entering the ’08 presidential race, we jumped online to join an online forum, to support his run. Fred was the best senator Tennessee ever had and he would have made a great president. So thankful for all the friends we made in supporting him. We will be praying for your lovely family, Jeri, Hayden, Sammy and your other sons. Thankful so many are celebrating your life as, a loving father, a good friend, a true patriot, a talented actor and a friend to all. We will miss Fred Thompson!

  • Patricia Ebert says:

    As a former Tennessee resident, I am saddened to hear of Senator Thompson’s passing. May he rest in Peace, and may his family and friends find solace in the Love and Blessings of God.

  • Marianne N Richard Dodson Sr. says:

    So so sorry to lase Mr. Thompson We loved him like family I was lucky enough to met him a couple of times. We flower him though his public work. and there was never ever a better Sentor than Mr. Thompson Thank- you for your time. May the Good Lord Bless his loving Soul

  • Barbara Tatusko says:

    Your sound mind in politics will be greatly missed. I have enjoyed you Face Book Page. You are a great lost to you family,, friends and the American people,

  • Brad Budner says:

    My deepest condolences to Jeri, his family and friends. As we mourn the loss of Fred, we must celebrate how he left his mark on all of us and left the world a better place! I will miss his voice, calmness, kindness, truth, integrity and his wit on calling it as he saw it. Thank you Fred for reminding us, there are politicians that do it for the right reason, maybe your words will bring forth others, Rest in Peace!

  • David Johnson says:

    My prayers for the Thompson family that God will comfort you as you mourn your loss. Fred Thompson was a good and talented man, actor, & public servant. He will be greatly missed. The Johnson Family….Fountain Inn, SC.

  • Jim Fetterman says:

    A good man has left us. I always enjoyed the roles he played and he was always up front when it came to political agendas. May you find comfort in the happiness he bought to so many people. Rest In Peace Mr. Thompson.

  • Dovie Beene says:

    Mr.Thompson was a beautiful soul and he will be missed….I like him best on Law & Order……..Prayers for the family…..

  • Jim Fetterman says:

    I was deeply saddened today to read of Mr. Thompsons’ passing. I always enjoyed him on L&O and as a politician. He seemd like a down to earth person.
    May you find comfort in the happiness he bought to so many people, may he Rest In Peace.

  • michael smith says:

    I always supported the man and I always felt he was a lot like the part he played on law and order. I wanted him for our president I felt like he would have had the same value’s as President Reagan now both great men now belong to the ages may GOD rest his soul a part of all of us now are lesser for the lost my condolence’s to his family and friends I will always miss him as I do Ronald Regan sincerely Michael smith

  • Kevin Crouch says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you! I’ve long admirerd Sen. Thompson and will dearly miss him.

  • Cindy Vashti says:

    I loved him in Hunt for Red October! I loved his political views and the diversity of his professional life. He will be sorely missed.

  • The Swanick family says:

    Rest in peace, sir. Your service to this country is deeply appreciated.

  • Pamela Chandler says:

    Heartfelt condolence to you and yours on the passing of legend: a great citizen, politician and actor. As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life’s routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends. May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived.

  • A decent and honest man. I had the honor to work for him during his 08′ campaign for President.
    A true conservative. A great politician. Rest in peace, my friend.

  • Michael L.Easterwood says:

    A good man and a patriot.My choice for President in 2012

  • James Rife says:

    Fred was a true southern gentleman and would have made a great president. Rest in peace, sir!

  • Bryan D Spencer says:

    Goodbye Mr. Thompson.
    You will be missed.

  • Marenda Jordan says:


  • Alan Ellis says:

    I followed him on facebook, because I really enjoyed reading what he had to say. I enjoyed him in the movies as well. I liked the way he always presented himself, on the senate floor as well as on the screen.

  • Elle says:

    Heaven got a really good one ! Most sincere condolences to the family . Fred was in every sense a gentleman .
    Godspeed Fred!

  • moshe barak says:

    My most sincere condolences to the Thompson family; I share your loss. A man like Fred, leaves behind so many great memories; it’s tempers the loss. Looking forward to seeing the “The Wit & Wisdom of Fred Thompson” hits the bookstores, it will have to be a multi-volume set, by necessity.

  • marie finlay ryan says:

    I always admired Fred Thompson. He seemed like such a kind, caring, compassionate soul. You will miss him terribly, but there will always be a special place inside your heart where you will hold special memories, which will give you comfort as you grieve his passing and you try and go on without him.

  • Betty Young says:

    He was such a great man who loved is country. I loved his sense of humor. RIP

  • I will always remember him for his out of the box approach to major issues such the current refugee crisis in Europe and illegal immigration. I realized the issue is about failing and failed states like Greece, the Philippines and Syria, among others. These failed and failing states should be offered a Compact of Free Association with one or two developed nation.

    “A sovereign nation loses that status if it cannot secure its own borders and we are gong to do whatever is necessary to do so, although our policies won’t be as harsh as yours along your (Mexico) southern border” – Fred Thompson, April 2007 in his “Southern Exposure” speech

  • S. Wetz says:

    You were my choice for president.

  • Karen Hopkins says:

    Dear Mrs. Thompson and family,
    Senator Thompson was a brilliant and honorable man He will be missed by so many of us who supported and cared for him.
    His kindness and humor and political knowledge will not be seen again. Mr. Thompson was the epitome of a True Southern Gentleman.
    My sympathies and prayers are with you all.
    God Bless this wonderful man.
    Sincerely yours,
    Karen Hopkins

  • CLP says:

    A truly amazing man who excelled in so many ways and was a great man who could negotiate both sides of the aisle. Peace and prayers to his family. He must be in Heaven.

  • Tom Lynn says:

    I send my heartfelt prayers to Fred’s family, especially for the kids, who may be too young to understand how death can take someone dear away from them, leaving a confusing emptyness. Fred has always been an inspiration to me, though we have never met. A most decent and honorable man.

  • Patrick Lessard says:

    Mr Thompson had a way of teaching us all through his wit about everyday life. Being able to see things from out side of the box, put that into words, and use it as a tool to teach others is a virtue that only Fred himself could possess.

  • Brook DeWalt says:

    My condolences to the Thompson family and all those of Tennessee and beyond. We have lost a great man, far too soon. I had the fortune to meet the senator at Sen. Barry Goldwater’s funeral several years ago. That connection has stayed with me. I am lucky to have met and talked with this fine role model. My thoughts and prayers to you all.

  • Esther Hall Gordon says:

    On behalf of my husband Vernon, please accept our deepest sympathies in this difficult time of loss. Thank you for sharing your loved one with all of America!

  • Esther Hall Gordon says:

    on behalf of my husband Vernon and I, please accept our sincerest condolences during this difficult time. Thank you for sharing your loved one Fred Thompson with all of America!

  • Ken Black says:

    Rest in peace, sir. Prayers for Jeri and all of Fred’s family.

  • Cindy Schneider says:

    I miss the thoughts, the amazing quotes. They used to put a smile on my face or made me laugh out loud. They also made me think, it showed that news should be brought this way to get attention.
    My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Rest in peace best President the world never had.
    The Netherlands.

  • Michael Sheehan says:

    Senator, I enjoyed both your acting and your politics since I was a boy. Rest in peace.

  • Eamon Poplin says:

    I had remarked a few years ago, that I wished that Senator Thompson would run for President. But I quickly dismissed the idea, and noted that no one with as much common sense and simple, common, everyday language could ever be elected. That was before the news of his illness broke.

    You’ve left the world a far better place by being in it, Senator. And sure we’re all diminished by your leaving it.

    Ar dheis dé go raibh a anam dílis (May your soul be found at God’s right hand)

  • Phyllis Porter says:

    Loved seeing you on Law & Order.

  • Rest In Peace Senator Thompson. You were an honorable gentleman and you will be missed. Blessings to you, your family and all that loved you.

  • Debbie Smith Craddock Sutter says:

    When Fred kickstarted his first campaign for Senate, I pulled my youngest daughter out of David Crockett Elementary to attend with me on the square in Lawrenceburg. It was hot, we were up front holding signs. My daughter passed out from the heat. People helped me to get her in one of the air conditioned stores. Fred’s daughter came in to check on her and offered her assistance. I was so impressed and my daughter was fine. I knew without a doubt that young lady had been brought up right. It was highly appreciated!

  • victor gonzalez says:

    my condolences to the family of fred thompson , he was a great actor and politician but more importantly a great american

  • Gregory Swenson says:

    I was vary sorry to hear this news.. He was a fine person, a great actor, politician, and pitchman.. My prayers go out to family and friends. He will be remembered fondly

  • Matthew Corbett says:

    Due to my age, it was through Mr. Thompson’s acting career that I came to learn of his legal and political careers. He was, in my opinion, a remarkable man that touched many lives for the better through all of his careers. My condolences to the family and friends. He will be terribly missed.

  • Connie Wright says:

    I first met Sen. Thompson when he first ran for Senator. I was fortunate enough to work with the Washington Co. Republican Party and again met him when he came to Republican headquarters. He was so nice to my mother and myself. I feel very proud to say he was Tennessee’s senator.

  • Marsha Miles says:

    I hope you take comfort in the character and legacy of your husband, father, grandfather, brother, friend, and associate to be respected and loved by so many people. He will be greatly missed. We can look forward to spending eternity in his company.

  • christie salazar says:

    Mr. Thompson had a huge impact on a lot of us. He was an inspiration as a politician, an entertainer, and a human being. May God be with his family in their time of mourning.

  • Tracey Bromley says:

    God bless him..Heaven has a new angel in heaven and he will be missed..Bless his family and prayers for all of them🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️

  • Kris Johnson says:

    I mostly only knew Sen Thompson from following him on Facebook and Twitter. My favorite posts in my feed were his witty zingers on current news headlines. I know of his other great works as s conservative, and hold him in the higest regards. Today the world is a little colder, and a little less funny. You will be missed Sen Thompson. I will be praying for your family through all this.

  • Martha Tutor says:

    Sen. Thompson was a great man. When I think about him in the Senate I remember my late husband writing to the all the senators and representatives for Tn regarding an important matter and Sen. Thompson was the only one that answered. God bless you all.

  • Jamie Derek Gibson says:

    Our thoughts, prayers and deepest condolences to the family and friends of Fred! We miss him, but rejoice knowing he is at rest in Heaven!

    Terry, Debbie, Whitney and Jamie Derek Gibson

  • James L. Coole says:

    Y.M.C.A. Law School, Class of 1978. I didn’t know Fred well, but we spoke on two or three occasions. Rest in Peace, Fred. One of the good guys.

  • This news broke my heart. I have loved Fred Thompson since he ran for President In 2008. He was such a nice, gentleman. I know he is in Heaven now with our wonderful Jesus Christ and he is walking on streets of gold and not sick, not hurting, no sadness, just happy and well for eternity. Fred will be missed by so many people. Loved that wonderful man.

  • Laura Hernandez says:

    Fred Thompson was a great man. I loved him as both a actor and senator. He will be sorely missed. My condolences to his wife and kids.

  • Ken Greene says:

    Condolences on Fred’s passing. I first came to know of Fred from his role in Red October then as Arthur Branch. I always admired his portrayal of a conservative and someone vastly different than Adam Schiff.

    When Fred ran for president, my wife and I threw our primary votes to Fred and I was saddened that he withdrew.

    I followed Mr. Thompson on Facebook and loved his quips and humorous takes on politics.

    Long live the memory of Fred Thompson.

  • Dearly beloved by many from afar, Mr. Thompson you will be missed on this Earth as you rally fervently & triumphantly in heavenly glory.

  • Cecilia says:

    He was an inspiration to me when I first entered politics, and will always be an example for generations how to live an extraordinarily life, with dignity

  • The world lost a fine man, a fine human being, a man who loved his country and the people in it. Many times people will say of others who have gone on before us that the world lost someone special. Well, these are not just words, the world HAS lost someone special. Fred left an indelible mark and impact on people he met and society as well. Rest well, my friend, rest well.

  • Janna Fawcett says:

    Both my parent had the honor to work and be around Fred Thompson. My mother, Julianna Fawcett, sat with Fred on a flight in first class beside him. She had no idea who he was but recognized his voice. She contacted me and I told her about him. She mentioned how humbling of a man he was and polite in nature. My dad worked with Fred on a movie being filed in Little Rock, Arkansas, where one of our antique cars was being used. Mr Thompson was nothing but gracious and kind. I told both my parents I wish he was our past and possibly our future President of the USA. I grew up watching him on Law and Order and remember him ALWAYS wearing a pin of the flag of the USA. This man will dearly be missed and what a mark to leave on those whose lives he touched both indirectly and directly. We all gained an Angel today!

  • Jeffrey C. and Shawn K. Stabler says:

    Senator Thompson was a great man. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  • Linda Lampe says:

    Fred Thompson,a true Patriot,Statesman,Gentleman and humble gentleman.I remember him coming to Jackson Tennessee to visit his friend Reggie Smith.He was driving his now famous red pick up truck.I rode with him to the courthouse in Jackson,where he spoke from the courthouse steps.Such a nice and kind man.He will be truly missed by many.

  • Mitchell Robertson says:

    I am saddened to learn of the passing of Senator Fred Thompson, I wish to extend my personal condolences to his friends, colleagues, and family for their loss.

  • Jerry Dale Lewis says:

    Great man, great actor and a good senator. When he got in the race for presadent he had some good stuff!!!!!!

  • Steven says:

    I always thought that Fred was a down to earth man, no nonsense, spoke his mind, and was honest! I always thought he would have been a great President, but good honest people do not become president due to not lying and being to great for ones own good! I enjoyed him in his movies, commercials, and when he spoke, one thing I always noticed in Fred Thompson always sounded the same, true, honest, sincere with no bull. When Fred spoke I listened to what he had to say and when he spoke people listened to him, I know they respected him greatly as I did. Yes it is a shame he was not able to run for President as he would have been a great Commander and Chief! I wish like hell I had been able to meet three people in my life, one is John Wayne, Fred Thompson and John F. Kennedy three of America’s Greatest Men!!

    Rest in Peace Fred.

    Sincerely, Respectfully,

  • Albert Lowe says:

    He will be greatly missed. I loved his acting, and I loved his style of politics.

  • Charlene. Horn says:

    So sorry for your loss. He was loved and admired by so many. He will be greatly missed. Praying for family and friends

  • Paul G. Houston says:

    Wonderful man who made others around him better.

  • Donna Boring says:

    I first met Fred Thompson at his daughter Betsy’s first wedding when she married my friend/boss, John. After that, I had the privilege of helping with the 1st Annual Fred Thompson Celebrity Skeet Shoot to benefit the American Diabetes Association. I look back at the photos and they bring back so many nice memories. He was such a wonderful man and true American. My thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult time.

  • Trevor Venturino says:

    I’m Canadian but always followed and admired the life, person, politician, and actor Mr. Thompson was. Following his life in all aspects aspired me to do more and become a better person. I will remember him as a kind-hearted, nice, and very smart and talented person. I will always admire the way he lived his life. He is a great man in every aspect of his life and I will definitely miss him. He is now where he is supposed to be; in Heaven along with my mother (died at 58 years old) and my wife ( died this year at 41 years old). He can now be at peace with everything and Jesus will take care of him, the way he tried to care of his family, friends, and all people. RIP Mr. Thompson. I will miss you!

  • Mary Sullivan says:

    I loved reading his posts. His sense of humor was great. Thank you for sharing some of your special family photos with the rest of us. He will be missed.

  • Lisa Ethridge says:

    Senator Thompson you will be greatly missed. Men like you are few and far between especially in politics and the country is less for the loss of you. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends. Rest in Peace!

  • Kathy & Greg DeCarli says:

    Rest in peace.

  • Kathy & Greg DeCarli says:

    We really respected Fred and were ready to vote for him in 2008. Also enjoyed watching him on TV. Rest in peace Fred.

  • Walter Hudson says:

    Like so many, I grew up knowing Fred Thompson through his on-screen performances, where he was always a dominant and comforting presence. I was excited by his run for president in 2008, and remain disappointed that we never got to see what he could have brought to that office.

    Rest in peace, sir.

  • Susan white says:

    My thoughts and prayers for your family for the loss of an amazing man.

  • Sherry Carwile says:

    I had the privilege of working with Fred on his first campaign. I traveled on the bus with him and the staff from Jackson to Lawrenceburg. I attended many events over the years with the last one being in February of 2012 with Newt and Calista. I also had the privilege to meet his dear mother. I am proud to have known him and spent time with him. I have many good memories. He will be missed. I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you.

  • Jo Gragg says:

    Being a Tennessean, I was a big fan of Fred Thompson, on the big and small screen, and most definitely in the political arena. He was down to earth, honest, God fearing, America loving Patriot! He will be missed… heart aches for the family. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers, for peace and comfort. God Bless, and Rest easy Fred , you’ve earned it.
    Jo Gragg
    Kingsport , Tennessee

  • Meredith Brown says:

    A great man who loved America! So sorry for the loss of Senator Thompson! May peace be with you all during this time!

  • J.J. Pickett says:

    A good man,A fine actor and an even better servant of the people. If more folk like him were in office my belief is that this country would be in much better shape than it is right now. ” The Lord always rewards the best of us but every now and then they got ta come home to pick up their medal ” R.I.P.

  • Fred Was a dynamic person. I still have his running for President pin that says: “Fred08”. I received a thank you note for my donation from him saying I was one of the first donations from the public sector. I’d like to think he sent it. And….btw….The Hunt for Red October is one of my all-time favorites! My wife says I have each line of the entire movie memorized! I think she is right!

  • Ron Raines says:

    Loved you as my Senator. A man of integrity. I pray that you at peace and I will miss your humorous posts on your website. Really wished you would have been our president ,our country would be a much better place. I will be praying for your family and friends. Ron

  • Jay Palmer says:

    I always loved Mr Thompsons ideas and principles. He was a strong man and did not back down from his values. It is truly a loss to this nation and I would have loved to have called him president.

  • I will miss him….I still have his running for President pin that says: “Fred08” He wrote me a letter saying I was one of the first to donate….I’d like to think he sent it. and, btw….The Hunt for Red October is one of my favorite movies! My wife swears I have each line memorized!

  • BOBBY MILLER says:

    It is with my deepest gratitude that I thank you for all your contributions to humanity. You entertained us, made us laugh – a lot. You represented your constituency well and with honor and you proved to be the perfect American citizen. Thank you for being Fred Thompson. Nobody else could have ever done it.

    Bobby Miller

  • David Leviev says:

    Thank you for your service in entertainment and in public service. Served the institution of the Senate with honor. The definition of a conservative.

  • Nanci says:

    You will be missed. Thank you so much for Loving America the way you did. 🇺🇸 You were such a great role model.

  • JoAnne Thompson Skidmore says:

    Fred Dalton Thompson was the closest thing we will ever have to Davey Crockett in our lifetime. Godspeed, friend.

  • Suz-Anne D Midgett says:

    Go gently into the night good Sir. You were an inspiration and will be missed

  • Donna Neugent says:

    Such a wonderful man. May he rest in peace.

  • Jennifer Messimer says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss.

  • Donnie Bowerman says:

    Like the vast, overwhelming majority of Americans, I have lived and worked in circles that were lightyears apart from those occupied by members of Congress and Hollywood. I was in the military and in law enforcement, so I thoroughly enjoyed the occasional movie and television role played by Fred Thompson. As a student of Political Science, I was a great admirer of his American Exceptionalism and his straightforward way of working within the halls of Congress. The late Senator was an American patriot, a sterling example of what any one person can accomplish for the good of the nation. Politics aside, he was about the American people, for the American people, always.

    No, I never had the pleasure of meeting or rubbing elbows with this humble gentleman, but we did share the majority of our lives together as fellow Americans. His movie roles were among my favorites. In that way, he touched my life, albeit momentarily, and made it a little more entertaining for a couple of hours. I never met Fred, but I shall miss him, anyway. He had so much more to give to the nation, and the loss that comes now with his passing will leave my life diminished.

    To his wife and children, family members and close friends, I hasten to add that “the loss of sight is in us, not in Fred. For at that moment we say he is gone, others, on a distant, beautiful shore, take up the glad shout, “Here he comes.”

    Vaya Con Dios, Amigo.

  • Dan Hodge says:

    Fred Thompson’s service to America was one of honor and integrity. His work in Hollywood reaffirmed his commitment to what is good and right about America. Thank you, Fred, for your service to our country. May you rest in peace.

  • Matthew Tuttle says:

    I voted for him as a write in 2008 and I was privileged to meet him at a book signing here in Dallas, and got my picture with him. He was so nice and talked to me about baseball for about 5 minutes. I still love watching him on law and order

  • Linda Lambert says:

    Whether it was on the screen, on TV, on Facebook, or in the Senate, Fred Thompson was the epitome of integrity and class. The world is better for his being here, and will not suffer his loss gracefully. RIP Fred. You made the world a better place. You made us better by your example. Our prayers and condolences to your wife and children.

  • Vicky Maltman says:

    Such a wonderful man and patriot. His humor and wit will be missed. He was such a good American.

  • Carolyn says:

    His was a life well lived with so much accomplished. Fred will be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

  • Neva Elliott says:

    I admired the Senator because he had the good of the country at heart, not his own personal gain. He will be missed. My prayers go out to his wife and family.

  • JoAnne Thompson Skidmore says:

    I first met Fred back in 1999 during the 2000 election cycle. I was administrating the state senate campaign of Howard Wall. Sundquist was our governor, with Lt. Governor John Wilder and we were fighting against a state income tax. Democrat Bart Gordan was our congressman, and Rutherford County was represented in the state house by Democrat by deocrats. Needless to say Republicans and conservatives were not the cool kids. He was stomping through Tennessee with his red pick up truck. He came to the Republican Party of Rutherford county’s picnic out at our old HQ on what was then Samsonite Boulevard and is now Middle Tennessee Boulevard. He was there with Zach Wamp, Jim Bryant, and Van Hilleary. We would connect again at a Wilson County Reagan Day Dinner lending support to Senator Mae Beavers back when she was running to keep her state house seat. Fred, a great statesman, with a quick wit and great political humor had impeccable timing in his humor.

    On a more humorous note, I never shared this with Fred, but I knew he would have enjoyed the chuckle: I was helping a friend with a real estate purchase in 1999-2000, and as the deal was becoming complicated, the agent and broker representing the other party had decided I was Fred’s ex-wife. Not sure what the relevance was or why they arrived at this assertion. I chuckled and replied, “No, I have never been married to a Thompson. I AM a THOMPSON!” I can’t help but think about that when I think of Fred. He would have laughed that’s for sure.

    Praying for those he has left behind, for the void he leaves is palatable. It was an honor to know him and have been inspired by his legacy.

  • Rob Ryan says:

    Fred always found the comedy in politics. He stood for what he stood for what he felt was right and not what those around him thought was right. It’s not easy being a conservative in Hollywood but he did it better than anyone else. He lived a life most wish they could have. He gave life his 110% effort and it paid off well. My thoughts any prayers are with his family and close friends. Dia Duit!

  • RIP To One of the Greatest!

  • Jack David Woodrum says:

    Senator Thompson’s life has been an inspiration to many of us. He would have been a tremendous leader as President of the United States. Jeri you represented him well when you visited West Virginia on his behalf during the campaign. I know he was proud to have you here on his behalf as we were proud to welcome you as our honored guest.
    He was a great man and will be missed.
    Sincerely; Commissioner Jack David Woodrum, Summers County, West Virginia.

  • Candice Barnhart says:

    Very saddened by the news. Deepest condolences.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Frank Desmond says:

    We are truly sorry to find out about the passing of Mr. Thompson. We have enjoyed reading and listening to him for years and also watching him as an actor.

  • Cindy says:

    America has lost a great man. He will sorely be missed. Mr. Thompson was my pick when he ran for President. May he Rest in Peace. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

  • A J Balcomb says:

    Mr Thompson….A fine gentleman and true PATRIOT!

  • Dean Little says:

    I first got to know Fred in the movie Days of Thunder. His commanding presence made an impression on me. I went on to see him in other movies and enjoyed every single one of them. When I found that he had a page on Facebook, I immediately liked it and enjoyed it ever since. I was truly saddened to learn of his passing today. I will miss his witty comments.

  • Michael J. Kwiatkowski says:

    A brilliant and great American. You will be missed. Rest in peace.

  • James crowder says:


  • Brian Young says:

    Sorry for your loss. I was a big fan of his acting as well his political stance. He will be greatly missed. Praying for Gods peace and comfort for the family.

  • Jimmy Hewett says:

    Thank you for your service to our country and R.I.P.

  • Matthew Ellis says:

    He was a “man’s man”. So sorry for your loss, and know that he touched .any people’s lives in a positive way. God bless

  • Nick Budion says:

    I was very saddened to hear about Senator Thompson’s passing. Fred Thompson would have made a great President! My heart and most sincere condolences go out to his family.

  • jo rich says:

    I am so sorry we have lost a great person..I really enjoyed seeing him and felt he was a honest and caring person..

  • Fritz Wonnacott says:

    Thank you for your service to this great country of ours.

    Rest easy!

  • Nick Budion says:

    I was deeply saddened to hear about Senator Thompson’s passing. I was a huge supporter of Fred for President in 2008 and know that he would have made a great President. He was a great man, great Senator, and great actor! My heart and most sincere condolences go out to his family.

  • Sharon Metter says:

    Dear Thompson Family,

    Although I never met Senator Thompson, somehow I felt as though I knew him. I had so much respect for him as a senator, as well as an actor, but I think most of all,
    I respected his love of country and family. I enjoyed reading his Facebook posts every day and it was easy to see what a keen sense of humor he possessed. I will really miss that. Sending heartfelt prayers for the entire Thompson family and the people of Tennessee. You will be missed, Sir. Godspeed.

  • Stephanie Miller says:

    RIP sir. You were a class act.

  • Brenda Shough Foster says:

    It was a great man; sorry for your loss; I would have voted for him for President; you are in my prayers

  • Sam Harrell says:

    Had more common sense than any other candidate when he ran for President. Best DA on Law and Order.

  • Liz Hasse says:

    I just remember his love for his family, his country and God. I loved his Arthur Branch character on L & O, because that was HIM in real life! I remember great interviews he did in which he gave credit to his fellow actors who were on opposite sides from him politically. He was a class act and a TRUE patriot!

  • Robert Buck says:

    Such a sad day for our nation but such a wonderful thing to be reunited with those he had lost while he was with us .

  • Nichol Fritz says:

    So many wonderful hours he brought to us via TV and movies that we will continue to enjoy for years to come and for this I thank him. I also always thought he was a rare breed of politician who truly cared and had down to earth common sense in every choice. He seemed to really care about this country and all the citizens living here. I see by the pictures he must have loved his family with all of his heart and my prayers to out to you all and the many friends who were close to him. I so enjoyed his site and his insightfulness of what was going on in the world and loved to come away with a chuckle. God Bless you Fred but you went too soon. One of good guys I would have love to chat over a nice cup of coffee.

  • Sarah Harper Scott says:

    What a great man. His service to our country will not be forgotten.

  • Sharon George says:

    My condolences to his family.

  • Ana Ryan says:

    Such an amazing person. God bless him and his family. Rest in peace Mr. Thompson.

  • Brenda Morris King says:

    Growing up in Lawrenceburg, TN, our families attended the same church. His parents were the most wonderful and gracious people. I followed him as a Senator and then as a Presidential candidate. Needless to say Lawrenceburg was proud of the man he became. Condolences to his wife, kids and brother Ken. RIP Fred.

  • Rest in peace sir. You articulated the benefits of American hard power well. A true conservative.

  • Aaron Eggers says:

    I had the honor of meeting Senator Thompson and his lovely bride at a private party in Las Vegas when he was running for President in 2007. An extremely down to earth person and genuine personality. Our nation lost a great man today.

  • Jeff Shepard says:

    I’m so sorry for the loss! He was a great man and a unique personality. I admired his work both on screen and off.

  • John-David Rott says:

    I’ll miss you Mr. Thompson. Your strength and charm personified American culture. It’s a sad day for America.

  • Kim M says:

    I always thought you should have been President. I felt you were a well respected & sensible man & based on the hundreds of comments, many thought the same. Prayers for your family.

  • Kevin Hooper says:

    My condolences to the family. Mr. Fred made me proud to be a fellow Tennessean.

  • Robert G. Starr says:

    RIP, sir. Your insight, patriotism, humor, and distinctive voice will be missed. Prayers for your family.

    “When he shall die,
    Take him and cut him out in little stars,
    And he will make the face of heaven so fine
    That all the world will be in love with night
    And pay no worship to the garish sun.”
    Wm. Shakespeare

  • Our prayers are with a amazing man’s family. We live in Lewisburg and know him well. Hope all hearts heal and sports of him comfort you at this time

  • Aaron Eggers says:

    I had the honor of meeting Senator Thompson and his lovely bride at a private party in Las Vegas when he was running for President in 2007. An extremely down to earth and genuine human being. The nation lost a great man today. Rest in peace Senator.

  • Linda Stringer says:

    Great wit and uncommon sense, he will be greatly missed. Condolences and prayers for his family and loved ones.

  • Doug Wilson says:

    Fred Thompson- An example for all to follow. Godspeed.

  • Robert Wardle says:

    Fred Thompson has been one of my favorite people for so very long. As an actor, politician, and as a great human being. He loved life and made the lives of others better by just being him. He and all of his family will be in my prayers. May his soul rest in peace.

  • Valerie Shastid says:

    Praying for peace and comfort over all of Mr. Thompson’s loved ones. He seemed to be a man of integrity and values and I always felt comforted that he was at bat in Congress. God Bless all of you as you learn to live here without him.

  • Shirley M Mcknight says:

    Years ago when I was a private duty nurse, I cared for several friends of Fred’s. When he telephoned, he spoke to you as if he had known you all his life. I always enjoyed his phone calls. He will be greatly missed! Rest in peace Senator Thompson.

  • Angie Pearson says:

    I knew him as an actor long before I knew of his political involvements. Always loved him. So very sorry.

  • Marty Berkowitz says:

    The word to describe this southern gentleman is authentic. As a public figure, his values and his wit were his calling cards. As an actor, he gave dignity and believability to his roles. America need more decent and honorable men like him. My sincerest condolences to his family and loved ones.

  • Michael J. Santa Maria says:


    I am so sad to hear of Fred’s passing. I was such a fan of his work, whether on screen or in service to the people of his state. I valued his principles and his very wise insight. I am so sorry for your loss, a loss which no typed words or thoughts here can assuage. We feel this loss as well.

    May the peace of the Lord be with you.


  • Katie Kunz says:

    My deepest condolences to his family and friends. Our prayers are with you.
    He will be missed by many, I never met him, but feel that I knew him as a genuine good old boy from the country. God bless yall.

  • Xiomara Casado says:

    God be good you

  • Robert Willmon says:

    So sorry for the loss of Fred. My prayers are with his loved ones. He will be missed. I pray that he knew Christ as his savior.

  • Joe Rossi says:

    So sad to hear of Fred’s passing. He was a Good Man, and my thoughts and prayers are with him and his Family And Loved Ones…

  • When Fred decided to run for President it was the first time in my then 40 years I got involved and supported a candidate. I truly believe he would have been a great leader for everyone to be proud of and would have healed many wounds that are gaping over the past 6 years. Thank you Fred, I will try to be a better person by following your examples.

  • Mary and Jack Ciaccia says:

    RIP Fred. You will be so missed.

  • Mike Bay says:

    My most sincere condolences to the family on the loss of a very fine, worthwhile human being. God bless Fred.

  • Jason Pedreros says:

    Rest in peace Mr. Thompson.

  • Jason Pedreros says:

    Rest in Peace Senator Thompson.

  • Chuck Norton says:

    What a loss America is facing today. Fred Thompson was a good man who had a positive influence on me. I enjoyed his unique communication style and his ability to see the core truth when others could not. I am sending my hopes and prayers to his wonderful family.

  • Thomas A Marotta says:

    R.I.P. Fred, you were a true patriot.

  • Chris and Cheryl Rask says:

    RIP, such a tragic loss of a true and loyal American. Thoughts and prayers for the family.

  • Fred:

    You may be gone from this world, but you will not be forgotten. The next time I see you we’ll never have to say goodbye again.

  • Mirinda Conroy says:

    Deep, Heartfelt, Sincere, Loving Prayers are being lifted for Fred and His Entire Family and Friends. His spirit and soul was a true gift on earth and Continues to be in Heaven. Fred, you will truly be missed but it’s comforting knowing your spirit and legacy will live on for Infinity. Thank You and God Bless !!!! Love, Mirinda A. Conroy and Family

  • Kathleen DelMargo says:

    Fred was an amazing man. He engendered respect and admiration for his wisdom, his principles, and his abilities. He made us feel safe. He made us think. He made us laugh. And he made us feel. He will be greatly missed.

  • Clarke A. Morris says:

    Loved watching any movie or television show (especially Law and Order) that Fred was in. He added warmth and believability to every role and was such a pleasure to watch. He was a strong Senator and I believe he would have made a great President. R.I.P. Fred. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

  • CJ says:

    Fred … I will miss you … I have never done anything like this before but I felt compelled to. You always impressed me … Prayers & put a good word in for me with God. Rest comfortably ….

  • Rhonda Pass says:

    I always liked him as a senator and actor. He will be missed by all!!

  • William Nathan haddock says:


  • Chris Martinez says:

    My sincerest condolences to the family of Fred Thompson his wife Jerry and his children my thoughts and prayers are with you. You were a truly great man and you will be sorely missed may you rest in peace and God be with you.

  • Stu Dvoret says:

    Rest in peace Fred. Thank you for serving our country, and entertaining us on TV. Prayers to the family.

  • Marty Berkowitz says:

    The best word to describe Fred Thompson is authentic. He brought his values and character to the public arena and the screen. America needs more men like him. My sincerest condolences to his family on his passing.

  • David Ebner says:

    I’m very sorry to hear that the Senator has left us. My condolences to his family.

  • Kenneth Griffin says:

    So thankful to have lived during the time of Ronald Reagan and Fred Thompson. Mr. Thompson was a voice of sanity in an insane time. His insights and plain speaking will be sorely missed.

  • Lee Kelly says:

    Senator Fred Thompson will be remembered with the likes of President Ronald Reagan. WOW, what a great guy, a comic and for sure one of the toughest SOB’s and a great family man on the planet!!! My heart goes out to Fred’s wife and children and the entire Thompson family. I for sure will miss his comic wit. I will miss Fred’s entire being and for sure will see him again… Heavens gain is our loss. God has truly blessed us with Fred’s being… Rest in piece Senator, you can finally rest knowing that you were not alone in making sure our country is going to rise from the socialism state we are currently in. Thank you for being a true Patriot and may God bless your family in their time of need…
    Lee Kelly
    Canyon Lake, TX
    Veteran and Patriot…

  • After my retirement from the military Senator Thompson was the first politician that I felt had the country first and foremost in his heart. He will be missed.

  • Thomas DeGroat says:

    To a great actor and politician. I would have voted for you. Rest in peace great sir, you will be missed.

  • Zen Davis says:

    Fred Thompson had a personality that drew one to admire him and respect him, as a human being, as a Senator and as an outstanding actor. He was a wonderful person, and am proud that he was on my political team. God bless his soul, and console his dear ones which he left behind – may they be in God’s care during this sad time, and always… <3

  • Stuart Gussman says:

    Thank you for your lifetime of service to the nation. You will be missed dearly. You played some of my favorite characters on film and were one of my favorite people in life. Thank you again and farewell.

  • Mary Jennie Bodard says:

    From watching Fred Thompson during the Watergate hearings, to the many TV shows and movies and while he was a U.S. Senator – he was a “breath of fresh air”! I enjoyed his “frankness” as a Senator as well as his ability to be a true Statesman – he could make his point and still be a gentleman! His humor on Facebook is something I will deeply miss!! Many prayers for your family and his many friends – his presence on this earth will be greatly missed!

  • Joe Sales says:

    My prayers are with the family. I send my condolences at this time.

  • Kathy Anderson says:

    I admired Fred for his service to our country. My mother often told me she was glad we had a morally upright senator.

  • Richard Meyer (@RichMeyer4) says:

    It’s saddens me to learn of the Senator’s passing. He touched my life in positive ways, and I will miss his wit and wisdom. May God bless and comfort you.

  • Joe Sales says:

    My condolences go out to the entire family at this time. Please be assured of my prayers.

  • I loved Fred Thompson. As a politician, and an actor and as a humanitarian. He was a no nonsense, shoot from the him kind of man and I greatly admired him for his honesty and strength of conviction. He will be greatly missed.

  • Linda Rossmaier says:

    Mr. Thompson was a warm, larger than life man who seemed more like someone you could be a good neighbor with. An easy grace, and strength to get the job done.
    Great human being and switched roles with ease and competence. But he was always Fred Thompson. A legend like Daniel Boone, JOhn Wayne and will not be forgotten.

  • Tim Mercer says:

    Fred was a shining light in the darkness of our political morass. I admired him for his integrity and his common sense and ability to communicate the conservative message both while in Hollywood and while in Washington DC. I will miss his brilliant insights and his humorous observations. Prayers for Jeri and the children.

  • Candace says:

    I enjoyed his acting and his humor. He will be missed. I really thought he would have mad a great president. I hope you find some comfort in the fact that he was well loved .

  • Stephen Krzanowski says:

    I always admired your work on screen and your work as a republican. You were a patriot and would have served as a fine President. God speed and rest forever in peace Fred Thompson.

  • Christie Renee Clark says:

    Lawrenceburg was both our hometown! You were a former, fellow Wildcat, as well! You represented Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, and the United States very well as a U.S. Senator! You was a very talented actor and great orator! I count it a honor to have met you, shook your hand, and heard you speak! You were a gaint of a man! I really enjoyed reading your book and loved reading Facebook posts! You we always be remembered! You would have been an outstanding president! May God bless your family! RIP, Mr. Thompson!
    Christie Clark

  • Bill Flusek says:

    He was my favorite candidate in the 2008 primaries. In a good part because of why he said he was running. I remember Fred saying that he looked at his kids and thought that someone needed help preserve the country so that they would have better than we do. The nation has lost a good man and my heart goes out to his family.

  • Lisa M Graas says:

    You will be missed, sir.

    Eternal rest, grant unto him, O LORD,
    And let perpetual light shine upon him.
    May he rest in peace.

  • Darryl Robinson says:

    A great Senator and actor. He will be missed. RIP.

  • Denise Bacher says:

    I am truly sorry to hear of the passing of such a great man. Whether in politics or in acting, I truly admired him.
    My Facebook page won’t be the same without his quips about news items.
    I pray for you, the family and friends, left behind to deal with loss of a wonderful man.

    Rest in peace, Mr Thompson.


  • Dr. Scott W. Norman says:

    He was what I would call an Elder Statesman. He was a good man and a patriot, and I enjoyed his acting. I am praying for his family at this time. We have lost a true American.

  • Linda Rossmaier says:

    “As a Tennessee native, Fred Thompson was a legend as much as Daniel Boone. As a statesman, a revered and endearing personality as well as fabulous charisma as an actor, Mr. Thompson fit all his roles as easily as he said hello to a stranger on the street. He had an easy grace and warm heart. I never met him although I lived in Nashville a number of years
    I was not a fan but admirer in all his endeavors. He will be missed.


    Linda Rossmaier,
    A fellow Tennesseean,
    and admirer of a strong, talented and prolific person

  • William Osborne says:

    I once met him in Southern California years ago when he was acting. He was a very gracious man who, even though he was working, took time to speak to a fan & tell me thank you for being a fan. I met him years later as a Senator & he was still just as gracious & respectful as he was before. In my opinion, he was one of the truly good Senators who I believe cared for those who put him in office. R.I.P. Senator Fred Thompson.

  • Katrina Giznsky says:

    You were an amazing man who will be sorely missed. RIP.

  • Shirley Christian says:

    Such a good and decent human being. My condolences to the family.

  • Deborah Pigg says:

    Uncommon sense, wit, humor. Such a loss in a time when men of his stature and talents are rare indeed. Thank you, Fred Thompson, for a race well run.

  • Betty Lewis says:

    My prayers and thoughts are with the family. May you rest in peace.

  • Missy Archer says:

    You will be missed.

  • Janice Jennings says:

    A gracious and kind man that many looked up to. He will be missed.

  • David McGullam says:

    A good man who will be missed. Thank you for your wisdom and for your ability to be entertaining and enlightening at the same time.

  • Jeremy Bauserman says:

    He was truly a man of so many talents who accomplished so much for our nation. We have lost a great patriot who was respected on both sides of the aisle and we will miss him very much. Praying for Jeri and the kids. God bless all of you.

  • Brett Bragg says:

    This nation would be a lot better off today if you would have been elected president.

  • Dale Howard says:

    I always enjoyed his witty posts on Facebook.
    A man who stood up for what he believed.

  • Chris Helfrich says:

    Sad to see him pass. He was a great American and actor. To bad we don’t have more like him in Washington. RIP.

  • Dixie Ray says:

    I was sadden to hear of his death. He was a great man, I watched Law & Order. Because of him. He would have made a great President. I didn’t know he was sick. I pray for y’all the very best, and God bless.

  • Paula Williamson Erwin says:

    He was a true Patriot, loved reading his wit full quips that were such pointed sarcasm that even the DC elite couldn’t deny them! He was a truly handsome & debonair man who has such a gentle soul. Heaven has gained a saint, he will truly be missed. Rest in peace fellow American, we will endeavor to follow in your footsteps

  • Danielle DiBella says:

    I was saddened by the news of Senator Thompson’s passing. He was a fantastic senator and actor. May God be with you during this difficult time.

  • Danielle DiBella says:

    I was saddened by the new of Senator Thompson’s passing. He was a fantastic senator and actor. May God be with you during this difficult time.

  • Ed & Shirley Padilla says:

    We are so sorry to hear of your family’s loss. Fred was an inspirational Christian man who loved this country and he will be missed. Our prayer is that God will hold you close and comfort you during this difficult time.
    Sincerely, Ed & Shirley Padilla

  • Dr Carroll E Fowler, Jr says:

    Thank you, Mr. Thompson, for your tireless work for this country. Thank you for the many, many hours you worked to bring some joy, and thoughtfulness into our lives, on both the big and small screen. Rest now Senator in the joy of thy Lord. May He comfort and draw near to your family, during this solemn time; may they draw nearer to Him.

  • Annie Gillespie says:

    I’ve always liked Fred Thompson….not only seeing him as an Actor…but as a Politician….and his commitment to Public Service! He had one of those Honest…Memorable Voices that stuck with you. I never got to meet him…but know that he was a Great Man! RIP, Fred! His 3 Children were Blessed to have such a Wonderful Man for their Dad!

  • Margaret Moellenberndt says:

    Blessings to Mrs. Thompson and his entire family. Thank you for sharing Senator Thompson with the American public in so many ways. Heaven has gained a wise angel.

  • Valri Purdy says:

    While I regret the loss his family and friends are experiencing I celebrate his gain. He is now free of the suffering he experienced. He is also now free of witnessing what the current administration is doing to this country! Considering his politics I know he would appreciate that!!

    .All good thoughts and prayers for his entire family.

  • gene showker says:

    God bless you senator and God bless your family!

  • My heartfelt condolence on your loss! Fred was my all time favorite actor and my admiration extends to his political views! May he rest in peace…


  • Todd L Kolmodin says:

    I enjoyed following your career both as an actor and politician. You were always straight and to the point in both. You will be missed. America needs more like you. Rest in peace sir.

  • Nicholad G Hesli says:

    Rest in peace fine sir thanks for the memories

  • Derek Graham says:

    I loved watching him on Law and Order, truly a great actor, politician and man! May be rest in peace!

  • Paul Canniff says:

    Truly a man who lived respected and died regretted. There were few like him and we are the better to have known him.

  • Paula Williamson Erwin says:

    I remember Mr. Thompson for his acting roles mostly. I always thought he was a very handsome & debonair. After he retired from politics I always enjoyed seeing his wit full quips, always the ever pointed sarcasm pointing out the obvious foibles of the DC elite. He was always honest, always respectful and never missed an opportunity to make a statement for the thing he loved, his beloved country. He will be sorely missed, America needs more men like Fred Thompson who knew what having a backbone was for. Rest in peace fellow patriot, Heaven has gained a true saint.

  • Michael Le Houllier says:

    Had the pleasure to meet the Senator at the University of Georgia in 2000 when he came to speak to the College Republicans and stump for local candidates before a Tennessee-Georgia game. Nice man and great public servant. Rest in Peace, Senator. Will enjoy some episodes of Law & Order in your honor.

  • Fair winds and mild weather to speed you to heaven…. You were a heck on an actor and a very good human being, I’ll miss your daily quips on Facebook. Thank you for your service as a US Senator, it couldn’t have been easy for a man with a clear vision of what the country needed. No doubt the Washington regulars did their best to twist your tail. My prayers for all your family as they adjust to your physical absence, no doubt your spirit will live on in your kids and grand-kids. Hope to look you up one day and thank you for being a voice of reason in this sinful world. Til then cheers and happy birthday in your new glorified body!

  • Shannon James says:

    I didn’t know him personally but shared his posts more than any celebrity/famous person on facebook, reminded me to smile & laugh over events or things affecting us & our once great nation. Pray for love, peace, & comfort during your loved ones grieving of a great patriot & statesman!

  • Sam Wells says:

    I was a great admirer of Senator Thompson. His genteel manner was perfectly suited to be the President of the United States. We were so disappointed when his campaign never really got off the ground. I suspect there will never be another Fred Thompson. We will miss him.

  • Jeffrey Enbody says:

    Proud to have known you. What an inspiration. I wished you had become president. I praise God for your you and what you did and stood for. Now your with Jesus. God Bless

  • Jeannette Pursell says:

    To lose such an important figure in America is sad.
    To Sen. Thompsons Family…God Bless and I will think of him with all the joy he brought to our family on TV, respect in politics and admiration in our field of law.
    Jeannette Pursell
    Canton, CT

  • Robert Melrose says:

    God Bless all of you at this time. Senator Thompson was a reminder to us all that there are some people who can serve their country without losing their values. He was an example for all his fellow politicians to follow.

    Our world is smaller now with his passing. We hope your family finds comfort in knowing what an inspiration he was to so many.

    Our prayers are with your entire family.

    Bob Melrose

  • Allen Grosser says:

    He always carried himself well. In every role I saw him in, he was a leader and when he decided to run for President it made perfect sense to me. I would have supported him and voted for him if I had the chance. He seemed like a real class act and from his Facebook posts, had an awesome sense of humor.

  • Judy Glover says:

    I still have my Fred Thompson for President shirt, and I wonder what a different world it would be today if hehad been elected. A class act. R.I.P.

  • Mark Burchett says:

    I am sorry for your loss.
    You’re probably getting this from tens of thousands but, I really liked Fred.
    He will be missed.
    The world is a lesser place at his passing.

  • Janet Wilson says:

    Your passing is an unpleasant surprise. I had a great respect and fondness for you. Rest in Peace Sir.

  • Norma says:

    My thoughts are with the family, Mr. Thompson was a good man. Told it like it was and honestly cared for America, he will be deeply missed.

  • sam brooks says:

    I would stop whatever I was doing to listen to him. I always viewed him as a straight talker.

  • amy Johnson says:

    A true class act!!! A great American!!!! Rest in Peace….Heaven gained a truly great man ….☺☺☺☺

  • Pam Cooper says:

    What an amazing man. I wish I knew him personally. Prayers for his wife and young children. ..

  • Allan D Perkins says:

    So sorry to learn of his passing. My prayers are with the family.

    Sen. Thompson was a great American and he will be sorely missed.

  • Mike Proctor says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I wish I could vote for him for president one more time.

  • Lydia Wroth says:

    Sir, you were a true Southern gentleman. Our country has suffered a great loss with your passing. I enjoyed you on both the big and small screen. While I’m too young to recall your time in the Senate, I do remember when you ran for the Republican nomination for president. I desperately wanted you to be our president. I know you would have served our nation well and honorably. Rest in peace, sir. You will be greatly missed.

  • Bob Melrose says:

    Our hearts go out to your entire family after hearing about the passing of Senator Thompson. Anyone who followed his career in acting and politics is finding their world a little smaller now.

    God bless all of you at this time. He was one of the good guys who made us feel that people can actually serve their country without losing their souls.

    Prayers to you all.

    Bob Melrose

  • Cecilia Harsch says:

    You will be missed. RiP

  • Lisa Kinley says:

    First, I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. I thought that Fred was a great man, May he rest in peace.
    My prayers are being sent to your family at this sad time

  • Sally Douglas says:

    I so, so admired this man!! Always anticipated his next move. Such an inspiring person, and one that will never be forgotten. Will surely miss his public appearances, as well as his acting gigs. I am so sorry he has left us. Many condolences to his wonderful family that stood by him in as a servant to many. May he marvel in his place in Heaven, and I’m sure he will smiling down on us. Much love in Christ to you ALL!

  • Kyle Maichle says:

    I was proud to support Fred Thompson’s candidacy for President in 2008. My memory was getting to see Fred speak in Duboque, IA in December 2007 just before my Christmas break from college. I drove 80 miles from Madison, WI, to get my first glimpse of the Iowa caucuses. After the event, I got to meet Jeri Thompson. Very nice people that I had the chance to meet. Fred is an all around good guy who will truly be missed. Thoughts and prayers go out the entire Thompson family.

    Kyle Maichle
    Harwood Heights, Illinois

  • Gayle Mayton says:

    My heartfelt condolences to the family as you go through this difficult time.. May God be with you àll.

  • Lisa Snyder says:

    Rest in peace, Fred. My prayers are with his family and all who loved him. I supported him in 2008.

  • Jessy says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the Thompson family. Fred Thompson touched the hearts of many and was an inspiration. God Bless.

  • Sarah Entwistle says:

    So appreciated Sen. Thompson’s quiet but long-term strong stand for conservative principles. He was a great actor,and brought grace to the wide screen. And he was my first choice in GOP Primary 2008. When today I read of his too-early departure from this world, I was truly saddened at the loss to our nation. My condolences to his family. America will miss Fred Thompson.

  • Lucie Cammack says:

    Rest in peace kind Sir. You made Tennessee proud.

  • SueEllen Koop says:

    A wonderful person, who inspired many. He will be greatly missed. A true Southern gentleman.

  • Yvette Cowlishaw says:

    Condolences. Fred was an amazing and witty man and the world is poorer for his loss. God bless.

  • Mary T says:

    Thank you Fred for being an inspiration and a voice to values and a vision of America I shared. You were a great talent and reminded me so much of my step father who passed away in 2010. I enjoyed watching you on Law and Order, and supported your run for President. God bless your family and thank you to God for sharing you with us all for a while. Love to you.

  • patricia wisecup says:

    a wonderful man and well respected by all,may God bless his family and friends. amen

  • Tom McCourt says:

    He was one of a few that could inspire our nation. Personally I was continually inspired by his example and is humor. I will deeply miss this wonderful man.

  • Anne Jennings says:

    I am so sorry to hear of Sen. Thompson’s passing. He was a great lawyer, actor, Senator and would have made an excellent President. I first “met” the Senator when I read “Marie: A True Story” by Peter Maas which was about a corruption and whistle-blowing case in Tennessee that led all the way to the Governor. I still have a copy. He was a champion then and throughout his life. I could also tell he had a great, big heart and wonderful a sense of humor. God Bless Fred Thompson and the entire Thompson family.

  • Jeffrey Collins says:

    Fred Thompson was a great American and one of the few politicians I’ve truly admired. He will be missed.

  • Michael Ihle says:

    Some know him as that guy from Law & Order, The Hunt for Red October, or even reverse mortgage commercials. I know him as the man who should be President. I think it says a lot for our country that the man who should be President wound up a TV pitchman. Let’s have a show of hands: does anyone out there think who we have is any better?
    The criticism I heard most about Fred was that he “just didn’t want to be president bad enough.” That always confused me because that’s what I liked the most about him. He was the polar opposite of our current president, not just in ideology, but his selflessness. Fred’s desire to serve was never about feeding his own ego. As his commercials said, Fred was always about restoring strength, conviction, and honesty to our country. These are exactly the things we lack now.
    Even though we are short in these areas, it is important to remember how fortunate we still are. Fred once described his journey as one of “a small town kid of modest means and modest goals who grows up to realize he is a very lucky person. Lucky to have been born in America. Lucky to have had the parents I’ve had. Lucky to have had a few people in my life who sometimes saw more in me than I saw in myself.”
    These are ways we are all lucky, or as I would say, blessed. One way Fred blessed my life was providing me, a broke college student, the opportunity to travel across America in a car as old as I was to volunteer for him in 2007-2008. This experience provided many blessings. The biggest blessing was the people I met. Just as Fred described, so many people I met provided me with the inspiration to believe that yes, I do have what it takes. I could be successful and make a difference in politics.
    As someone who once didn’t have a dime to his name, here I am now, a mayor and a delegate, doing my best to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Fred Thompson’s story of the young man of “modest means and modest goals” is my story, at least in some small way. I thank God for giving us Fred Thompson and the many blessings shared through him.

  • My heart has been broken all night, since learning the news. My prayers are with Jeri and the entire family, and everyone who knew him, worked with him, and loved him. My life was enriched having known him, and I pray our country will again see fearless, great leaders like Senator Thompson again, soon. Prayers and sweet blessings.

  • Mary T says:

    Growing up watching Law and Order and then following him when he was a candidate from President…I had the bumper sticker, I always liked what Fred Thompson stood for and he reminded me of my step father. A very strong and confident man. He will be missed and thank you God for sharing him with us. God bless his family and God bless Fred

  • Hannah Bro says:

    Fred Thompson was the first Presidential candidate that I got to vote for. Sure, it was only the Iowa straw poll, but it was my first ever experience voting and I was proud to support him. I also got a chance to stand behind him while he spoke at an event and had my picture taken with him. It’s a photo that I’ve treasured ever since (2007) and now will treasure even more. Thank you, sir. You will be missed.

  • Jennifer erickson says:

    my thoughts and prayers go out for your family Fred was an awesome man

  • Nancy L. Stirman says:

    On behalf of the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women and all conservatives, our deepest sympathies go to the Honorable Senators family and his GOP family now in deep mourning. He will be greatly missed.

  • Christopher Putnak says:

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to Senator Thompson and his family. Senator you will be greatly missed and never forgotten. Thank you so much for your personal and political contributions to our people and this great nation in which we live. GOD bless and Godspeed.

  • Kathie Conway says:

    I never met Senator Thompson but he touched our lives on so many levels. Kind, thoughtful, considerate, and humorous citizens are a rich commodity. We are richer to have had him and poorer at his passing. Deep sympathy to his family and friends.

  • Linda Thatcher Drury says:

    Heartfelt prayers for Senator Thompson’s family and friends. He was an inspiration to many and a true patriot from the state of Tennessee. May he rest in peace.

  • Wanda says:

    Rest in peace, Mr. Thompson. I had enormous respect for you as a Senator, and would gladly have voted for you as a Presidential candidate. Everything you did was done well and with dignity

  • Andy Denenberg says:

    My condolences on Fred’s passing.

    His humor will be sadly missed by those of us who followed him on FaceBook.

    May he Rest in Peace, a Blessed Memory!

  • Patrik says:

    Fred motivated me to take interest in politics and public service. His 2008 presidential campaign showed me that politics does not have to be a corrupt game but rather a force for public good. Thank you Fred for everything!

  • You will be missed, sir. I am especially going to miss the witty comments that occasionally appeared on Facebook about current events. They always made my day.

  • John & Lynne Moomaw says:

    RIP Senator Fred Thompson, though you will be missed, You will not be Forgotten!!! Thank you for all of your service to the State of Tennessee, and the United States of America…

  • Ed Friedman says:

    My deepest condolences to the family of Senator Fred Thompson. He was a great American and someone I always looked up to. From his brilliant acting career to his time in the Senate to his recent witticisms on Facebook, he made me smile and take pride in the knowledge men like him existed. Rest in peace.

  • Kenneth says:

    In sorry for your loss, a great man for our country and a very good entertainer. He will be missed.

  • Kristian Jones says:

    May God bless Fred Thompson

  • Geoffrey Ponticelli says:

    RIP Mr. Fred Thompson. Thank you for all you have done for the people of this great nation!

  • Daryl Allen says:

    My first memories were of him as an actor in several of my favorite movies. I will truly miss this great leader, actor, man. Rest in Peace Senator Thompson.

  • Richelle Sensat says:

    Godspeed, Mr. Thompson. I loved you on the various Law and Orders and I agreed with your politics. You will be greatly missed by your fans.

  • Tommy smith says:

    Fred was a source of enduring hope, a son of the south, and should have been president. We will miss him.

  • Elaine Morgan says:

    My sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Thompson. I truly adored him and will miss his incredible wit and humor that he gave to us. This world has truly lost a magnificent person today.

  • I want to express my condolences to the Thompson family. I stumped for Mr. Thompson when he ran for President, but have enjoyed his acting and admired his service for years before that.

    Rest In Peace, Sir.

  • Sara R. Rice says:

    I am so very sorry to hear of this very sad news. Mr. Thompson was a very honorable honest man. Very sad day. May his memory be for a blessing.

  • Deena Rose says:

    We will truly miss Fred Thompson.

  • TN has lost a wonderful “son”! Knox County Republican Women send our prayers for the repose of his soul, and strength for his family.
    We loved being apart of his campaign and meeting such a wonderful man.
    Manuela Ptacek
    President KCRW

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